The Marathon Ad

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Ok, I said that I would stop talking about the Marathon but …

Not yet…

If you have never done one, this post is for you.  Remember, I was one of you. I never wanted to run one either.

Why should YOU run a marathon?

1. You’ll stay motivated to run.

For other distances, you may be able to skip runs and still succeed.

But you can’t get away with not training when it comes to a marathon. So having one on your calendar will keep you motivated to stick to a training schedule, at least for those long runs.

On days when your motivation is lacking, you’ll think about how you’ll feel during those 26.2 miles if you’re undertrained or can’t finish the race.

2. You’ll be a great role model. 

It’s hard not to revere someone who is dedicated and determined to complete a substantial goal such as running a marathon. You’ll be setting a great example for many people in your life – family, friends, co-workers, etc.

Even though, it may not be true, people will be telling you how “awesome” you are.

If you are lucky, you will inspire someone to start running or run a longer distance race.

3. You’ll find out that pain is indeed temporary.

Pain, chafing, sweat, tears, and blood will all just be memories.

Yes, you will most likely hurt.  The pain may be so bad to make you want to quit.

But you won’t.

When you see that finish line in the distance, you will forget. You will cry but they will be tears of joy.

4. You’ll gain the confidence you never knew you had.

Although you’ll no doubt experience rough patches during your training. After you’ve logged that 20-miler, you’ll feel like you can conquer the world. Your running confidence will overflow into other areas of your life, such as work and relationships.

You’ll enter that marathon start line with your eyes on the prize (the finish line.)

5. You’ll have a lifetime of bragging rights.

Once you cross that finish line, you’re a marathon finisher and will always be one. No one can ever take that title away from you.

Remember only 1% of population has run a marathon.

Happy Running! Have I convinced you? A little bit? If you ran a marathon already, what was your reason?


15 thoughts on “The Marathon Ad

  1. I have always said I want to try one, but now is definitely not the right time for me. I know there’s never really a right time, but when you know you may only be able to run 2 x week sometimes — it’s definitely not the right time.

    Some day, I hope. It will have to be one with a generous time limit (and cheaper than NYC, too!).


    • It definitely was NOT the right time for me as I was in a hotel for 8 weeks during peak miles but you don’t HAVE to run the miles if you just want to finish.

      NYC has NO time limit lol. But it’s not for everyone.

      Nor is running a marathon. I think halfs are challenging esp one in all 50 states.

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      • I know NYC has no time limits. If I ever do one, I think I’d prefer one that is a lot less low key (and expensive). It’s not just the cost of the race itself, although that’s expensive enough!

        I know myself, though, and I know for sure now is not the right time.


    • I never wanted to either even though numerous runners told me I could and should. And if I didn’t automatically get into NYC, I’m pretty sure that I would never sign up for one.

      But I guess it was all meant to be.

      It may happen to you soon someday too.


  2. A long time ago, I had ZERO ideals of ever doing a marathon, but then I got hooked on the half marathon. I don’t remember how many 13.1’s I’d done, but I started blogging and set up my Facebook page…and it seemed like a natural progression to do just one 26.2. Then, I met a bunch of awesome online running friends, who also were training for their first marathons. We shared all of our training stuff, and all of our marathons were within a month of each other (mine was the first one LOL). I was lucky to have a perfect first marathon experience in terms of weather, crowd support, etc. I crossed the finish line exhausted, but realized it wasn’t that much harder than a half. And, the rest is history 😉

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  3. Have you convinced yourself to run another?
    I have my marathon magnets on the side of my desk at school and I always feel a bit proud when a student says ” Wow, you ran that far?” or “Wow, you did that many races?”. Bragging rights for sure!
    You did amazing in NYC! You keep on bragging lady! -M

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