Weekly Run Down for 4.8.19-4.14.19 – Race Week…Again


Race Week…Half Marathon #36.

Last week

  • Monday – So today was week 4 of the Freihofer Challenge Training (FTC) group. As it always happens, it was the day after a race or long run.  Still it’s fun to see all my “advanced group” friends.  And for once the weather was not freezing or windy. I joined the Intermediate group (to avoid the nasty speed drills) and ran with no walk breaks. Some in that group are pretty speedy too so it was a good workout.

  • Tuesday A rest day finally and I met up with injured Barbara to walk, eat and catch up.

Champ says keep those Brooks running shoes…I think I may

  • Wednesday – As I did last week, I decided to join another FTC group to run near where I live. The Advanced group was smaller than last week (just 4) and I ran an easy 2 mile loop with them (and one more solo rather than repeating the loop).

  • Thursday – .It’s taper time (not that I really needed one).  I visited my chiro one last time (for some taping), picked up my bib for Saturday’s race, used the arm machines at the free gym and met my BFF at the mall to get in some steps (and chat.)

  • Friday – More rest time scheduled, stop at the library, carb loading and mah jongg.
  • Saturday -. Today I ran my 36th Half Marathon – Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon, an inaugural, downhill, local race. Who knew a downhill race could be so hard? Holy aching quads.  And the temps went from winter to summer (humid and almost 70).  Still I had fun and enjoyed seeing so many running friends – old and new.

no calf pain (everything else hurt lol) and my time was almost 5 min faster than NYC 3 weeks ago.

  • Sunday – Rest day, of course but I was plenty busy…decluttering my closets, getting the hubby’s phone fixed, grocery shopping, yard work, cooking, cleaning, and finally my taxes.

trying my hand at succulents – any advice?

31 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 4.8.19-4.14.19 – Race Week…Again

  1. Congrats on finishing another half marathon! I agree that downhill races do hurt. I did one in Utah and my legs and quads were very sore afterwards.

    The weather here sucks. We got more snow and I am not happy about it.oes

    What Brooks shoes did you get?

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  2. hey! congrats on your half marathon! everyone thinks “great, it’s downhill!” but downhill isn’t always easy!

    you know you need those nasty speed drills when you are starting to train for the marathon, right?? haha 😀

    why do cats love boxes??? Priscilla immediately jumps in a box that is emptied and set on the floor. even if in another room. she hears cat crunchies and boxes and that’s all.

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  3. Oh yes, downhill races are special kind of beast. You definitely need to train for downhill. It’s one of the things that makes Boston so tough. Spring has left the building in Chicago. It’s buried under 9″ of snow.

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  4. I bought a succulent a while ago. I have a relatively green thumb, but oddly enough, always had trouble with succulents. Go figure. It’s still alive — one did die, but I suspect it was just overcrowded. I’m planning to get a few more — we need some natural air cleaners in this house!

    Since I’ve done a downhill race going down 1000 ft & another 2500 ft — I can tell you that actually using specific training for them makes a huge difference. I won’t say I wasn’t sore at all, but not much more than normal. But I know you’re not going to do that — you never know, though, someone else might read this comment. 🙂

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    • Yes you know me. Would never train like you do.

      But I could have finished faster if I had done the long runs. But I may have had calf pain if I hadn’t taken it easy and cut back on the mileage. You never know. Being pain free is more important than PRs.

      My legs were fine yesterday. Esp happy that my calf has no more pain.

      These plants were on clearance at Walmart and they are very crowded…we’ll see how they do. Since I;m not around a lot, I thought plants that don’t need a lot of water would be perfect.

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      • We never really know how what we do effects our finish times. I just know for me the training *usually* makes the race easier (although not easy), and makes me stronger, hence making the race easier . . . it’s a good cycle.

        Training is different for everyone.

        I used to have a lot of indoor plants but as the furkid family grew (and got sick) I had enough to take care of. I’ve been feeling the itch for something indoors for a while now, especially since there are no cats to eat them (the dogs can’t reach them).

        Succulents are also really good at cleaning the air in our homes, too.

        Back in TX I could’ve picked prickly pear (carefully) from our backyard . . .


        • So true – you never know… I actually did all my long runs for Florida & got injured. I cut way back and eliminated them and my times have improved. Go figure.

          However mentally, I felt more prepared going into Fla than the past two races.

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  5. Congrats on #36! I love the shirt and the medal. And who doesn’t love a downhill half? Except maybe your quads…

    I won’t lie…I’m feeling some envy at your continued success at the half distance and all your energy! What is your secret?

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