Friday Five – NYCM 2019

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My topic for today is: Five Reasons Why I Signed Up to Run the NYC Marathon

If you follow my blog, you know that I said that I was going to register for the NYC Marathon … Well, I did!

It’s my first marathon and if you wondering, here’s why:

1. I had a guaranteed entry.

So many runners have to enter the lottery and I didn’t.  The Brooklyn Half 2018 was a miserable experience – weather-wise but my finish time (2:11:23) was good enough.

glad that I was 65 not 59


I have three NYC running friends who are running it.  So I won’t be alone.

There are also several local running friends and fellow bloggers who have entered the lottery too. I hope they get in!!!!

3. I am a New Yorker.

I mean. I plan to only run ONE marathon ever (I mean it!). Why not run the biggest one in my home state?

4. Perfect time of year to train.

NYC Marathon is November 3.  That means to me, that I don’t have to train in the cold, ice or snow.  I hate running in the cold weather.

If I am lucky, my longest runs will be in the fall when hot temps of summer are over and the foliage is at peak colors.

running in Oct.

5. Getting out of my comfort zone.

It’s one of the things that I said that I needed to do.  After 38 half marathons, it’s probably time.

As Deena Kastor said: “…My fastest days are behind me and my best days are ahead”

my slowest yet best race

Happy Running! Any other crazy runners running NYC Marathon or have entered the lottery?



20 thoughts on “Friday Five – NYCM 2019

  1. Darlene!!!! Your first marathon!!! So exciting. I am happy you decided to step out of your comfort zone and try a new distance. I was unaware that you could get a guaranteed entry with a half marathon time. Good to know….

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  2. For your first marathon, you definitely should choose an EVENT and that race is the perfect one! I know you are apprehensive now, but my husband said even though he was nervous in the days leading up to his first marathon, he knew he had put in the training, had done the long runs, and he was going to be fine. He was, and I know you will be, too.

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  3. It cracks me up how I could have written this nearly verbatim.
    I never had a feeling of one and only with Lebow, but I think I will be one and done with the marathon and there is no better. Plus for me, likely only guaranteed entry due to schedule and it’s the eve of 40. When better
    PS: still love that photo of us even though my hair was taking off for its next race or something. LOL

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