Weekly Wrap for 1.28.19-2.2.19 – The Polar Vortex and Taper Time


45 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap for 1.28.19-2.2.19 – The Polar Vortex and Taper Time

  1. I would have looked at the temps for Thursday and literally LOL’d – nope no way. Amazed you managed to get any running in this week! Congrats on the AG win! Bet you cannot WAIT to get to FL and enjoy some warm sunshine and run that fun half marathon.

    Oh, I love your hat! The colors are really gorgeous – what yarn is it?


    • I cannot wait for Fla but I am not sure how my body will react to the heat and humidity.

      Outside is Schoppel Wolle Ambiente Inside is Berroco Ultra Wool DK


      • Hahaha. I love that I have found my twin in so many ways
        Maybe you had mentioned it as it sounded familiar when we were browsing brunch options. I was all for the smoked salmon benedict but then I saw the salmon avocado toast and went to brunch heaven. That’s walkable from where mom & Bob are and might happen for breakfast post Half

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  2. Wow. I have drawn the line at 17F for an outdoor run – and even then it has to be sunny with zero wind. You are badass for doing that Polar Cap race! Your hat is gorgeous — is it two layers?

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  3. Negative double digits is definitely too cold for me! Nothing wrong with a little pre-taper tapering! Congrats on your AG win! I find January/February just too cold to willingly sign up for a race!

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  4. Oh, my goodness! That strawberry medal! You are going to have such a great race! We’ll be a few hours north in Daytona, hoping to get some decent weather before the rain!

    You are an absolute rockstar for getting out there in that polar vortex. All I can say is Brrr!

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