Tuesday Topics: What I Learned From My First Marathon

Since today is Tuesday, I’m linking up with Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner). and you should too.

It’s been enough time since my marathon so that I can objectively look back on the experience.

Here’s what I learned:

The marathon is more than a race.

It’s a complete experience. From the training runs to the expo to the race itself to the recovery.


I have so glad that I had friends to share it all.

the expo

I am so happy that I chose to run NYC as my first ’cause I believe that there is no other like it.

pre-race bagels, coffe & hats

The mind controls the legs.

I was so afraid during the second half of the race that I was injured that I could barely run.  My back…my quad, my ankle. I’ll never run again, I thought.

But yet I was not injured. I felt fine the next day.

I’m not diappointed in my finish time…but geez.. if only I didn’t listen to my brain.

I was hurting here but didn’t want my freinds to worry

Everyone prepares and recovers differently.

I was worried that I didn’t do longer runs mid-week. They were on the plan but my job got in the way of the plan and so I kept them all short.

Many runners recommended that I rest after the race. One even said that she took a month off from running after her first marathon.

But my legs felt great. So I ran a 15k a week after.

Just follow your gut asnd do what works for you.

It’s worth the pain.

Yes, it hurt….it hurt a lot.

No regrets.

For a millisecond I considered running NYCM 2020.

It’s not because I think the marathon was responsible for my foot pain.

But because I feel so fortunate to have have run 6 halfs and a full without any foot pain.

What if it happened during my marathon training or even worse during the race?

Not worth the chance…

one and done

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