Friday Five – France Vacation – Pt. 1

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I was pretty naive about running in Paris and let’s face it, anywhere besides America.

So here are five things that surprised me about running in Paris:

1. Running is really popular.

All times of day and all places I went, I saw men and women running!

Over 26,000 runners finished the 20 km race and another half marathon was scheduled for the following weekend.

2. The runners are serious and fast.

Hey, I finished 23,xxx out of 26,xxx.  I’ve never considered myself to be a BOTPer. Well, I guess I am in Paris.

3. There are so many beautiful flat places to run.

There are many parks, paths along the river and to my surprise, la coulee verte – above ground walkway for runners.

4. There are more public bathrooms and water options.

Public bathrooms are easily accessible and there are many water fountains (as pictured above.)

5. Female runners don’t wear skirts.

Shorts, capris or tights. I am pretty sure that I was the ONLY one running in a skirt!!

Happy Running! Have you ever run in Paris or another foreign city? If so, anything surprise you?

12 thoughts on “Friday Five – France Vacation – Pt. 1

  1. When I was in Paris, I hadn’t yet started running. I didn’t notice anyone running at all. Then again, it was Oct and not at all warm (I’ve never been to Europe when it was nice weather!). I may not have noticed because it wasn’t something that interested me, though.

    I don’t think I ever used a public bathroom there, either. Interesting!

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