October Report Card

Hello November, Goodbye October

Fall has arrived. The temps have gotten colder. The leaves are changing. The days are getting shorter… (I miss summer already sigh…)

Here’s how the month went:

Weekday Runs:

I was able to run at least 3 times outdoors most weeks which is great because I HATE the treadmill.

I ran a few times while working in Liverpool and also while on vacation in France. Otherwise I ran locally. My weekday runs were usually around 3 miles (occasionally more and occasionally less). 

in Sanguinet and Paris, France:

Unfortunately I missed ALL of my Turkey Trot Training Monday group runs. I hope to do better next month. I missed ALL of the Saturday ones too but I had no intent of attending those.

Long Runs:

I did my best to get in a few long runs in to prepare for my 20 Km race in Paris and eventually for my 33rd half marathon in November. It helped that I have great running friends. 

There was one before my 20k and one after. But neither was double digits 😦

My last long run of the month was supposed to 5 on Saturday and 5 on Sunday so 10 miles over two days but it rained on Saturday – no run but I ran my extra 5 miles on Monday instead.

Total Mileage:

I ran 82 miles this month. It was a big decrease over last month. and I am still behind on my 1000 mile yearly goal. But the important thing is that I am feeling healthy so all is good.


I usually have several popular races on my schedule this month but my France vacation got in the way of a few of my favorites such as the Great Pumpkin Challenge 10K and Susan Komen 5k. I did complete the 20 km de Paris race and the Poland Springs Marathon Kick-off 5m race in NYC.  Both were new races and loads of fun. BOTP for Paris but 2nd in my AG group for NYC!!

Cross Training:

Due to my work schedule and vacation, I only played tennis once and I did NOT work out at the gym at all.

I did walk at lunch once or twice. Of course, I got a lot of steps in during my time in France.

Other News:

Despite all my work travel, I was able to squeeze in some friend, family and hubby time. 

Unfortunately, boating season is over until next May. I love boating in October but this year I was in France.

I attended my future step-daughter-in-law’s bridal shower in MA.

My tennis friends and I took our annual day trip to NYC to see a Broadway show.  I was also able to meet some college friends for lunch on the same day.

My vacation in France was fantastic! In fact, it was beyond my expectations.  In addition to running, I was able to see and experience new things in France and Paris.

Feeling healthy so Life Is Good.

Looking Ahead:

Half Marathon #33 is November 24.

This is my list so far for the next 2 months:

  • 11-11-18 – Stockade-athon (15K)
  • 11-17-18 – Girls on the Run 5K
  • 11-22-18 – Troy Turkey Trot 10k
  • 11-24-18 – Pelham Half Marathon
  • 12-08-18 – Albany Last Run 5K

I am linking to Deb at DebRuns for her November Race Linkup:

No monthly goals.

This motto worked for 2016 & 2017 so I’m sticking with it in 2018!

I’m linking up with these wonderful ladies:

Erika @ MCM Mama Runs, Marcia @ Marcia’s Healthy Slice and Patty @ My no-guilt life for

My Topic is: Give your running month a letter grade.

I’d say overall a B+

Despite my busy schedule, I did my best to get in my weekday runs. I actually completed all but one of my weekend long runs. I did play tennis once but did not go to the gym at all. I ran my first 20 km race and a 5 mile race.

I am also joining up with Running on Happy, Suzlyfe, Crazy Running Girl, and Coach Debbie Runs for the Coaches’ Corner linkup


Happy Running! How did your October turn out? Anything exciting planned for November? What grade would you give your running month?


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