Weekly Wrap for 10.22.18-10.28.19: There’s No Place Like Home


Sleeping at home all week (until Saturday). What a novelty!!  I had to enjoy it because I will be traveling for work every week (except my jury duty week) until Christmas.

  • Monday – Finally I was home so I was able to go to a Turkey Trot Training group run. I hadn’t been in a month. But I had a cold and felt like crap. And when I went to change into my running clothes, I realized that I had packed only one running shoe. The training group run was not meant to be. So I went home and decided to get my other shoe and run locally. The awesome view of the moon was worth it. That and the wonton soup I stopped to get.

  • Tuesday – I was scheduled to sub in tennis but managed to squeeze in a short run before. The day before my cold seemed better while I was running. Not so today. I struggled. But at least the weather was perfect.

they say “Starve a fever. Feed a cold.” So I did (with ice cream)

  • Wednesday – Rest day trying to get rid of this damn cold and since I had planned a dinner out with my tennis friends.
  • Thursday –  Back with a COLD windy run at UAlbany with 2 Sole Sisters and meeting up with my BFF to walk around the mall and catch up on things.

  • Friday – Rest Day. Packing and Mah Jongg.
  • Saturday –  The plan was a 5 mile run with friends before I headed off by bus to NYC. But I bailed. The forecast was for cold rain so I slept in. After I arrived in the city (in the rain), checked into my hotel, I went to NYC Run Center to pick up my bib (in the RAIN) for the next day’s race, and then went to a movie (A Star is Born – go see it!!!!!!!!!)
  • Sunday – Race Day – Poland Spring Marathon Kick Off race. A 5 miler around Central Park. It was cold and hilly but fun.

Not close to a PR but 2nd in my age group. Happy about that.

After the race, I walked more than 30 blocks back to my hotel since I had some time. Afterward, I met my college friends for lunch and then my tennis friends to see Pretty Women on Broadway. Then we all took the train home. Yes I pack a lot stuff into one day.

This Coming Week –  

  • Monday 3 miles (Turkey Trot Training Group)?? or 5 miles local
  • Tuesday drive to Rochester for work, 3 miles
  • Wednesday – 3 miles in Rochester
  • Thursday – rest day, drive home
  • Friday – rest day, mah jongg
  • Saturday11 miles
  • Sunday – rest day, hiking with my mentee and her sons

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Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you?  Any big races on the horizon? Please share.


34 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap for 10.22.18-10.28.19: There’s No Place Like Home

  1. What a fun filled weekend! I would love to do the Poland Spring Marathon Kick Off one year. I normally do the Dash to the Finish Line 5K but I love that NYRR offers both of these races during NYC Marathon week.


    • I usually do Dash to the Finish as well. I highly recommend this one. The logistics were easier because it started and ended in Central Park.


  2. One shoe. LOL. Your shoes conspiring against you to give you a rest-ish day
    I want to run UAlbany with you one day.
    Glad the race was yesterday and not Saturday which was nasty! Safe travels.


  3. You always have so much fun! I once brought two left shoes to a training run, so I’ve been there lol!

    I’ve heard amazing things about that movie. I’m treating myself to a flick this week or next week, so maybe I will see it.


  4. Hmm. Feeding a cold with ice cream sounds questionable, although I’m sure it was good. 😉 You do pack a lot in. How do you see shows in NYC? I assumed it took lots of planning ahead.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I think “they” may mean feed a cold with something like chicken soup. or pizza. but I guess ice cream works! are you feeling better now??

    I’m going to see a Star is Born if I can actually find the time to do it! I wanted to go with a friend last week but then I had to work (job #2) that evening.

    I also did a race last weekend, 7.5KM (odd distance but it was that or the Half marathon and I just didn’t feel like running that far!). I’ve got RnR Las Vegas coming up and the “Bruggenloop” (Bridge Run) in Rotterdam. I am really not sure on anything else right now as I’m just trying to regroup and figure out what my goals are. And maybe just enjoy a run here and there without being “in training”.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I had wonton soup the night before. The ice cream tasted better. Thanks. My cold luckily was short-lived.

      Go see that movie if you have time. I rarely have the time but I was in NYC alone in the rain with nothing to do.

      I’m looking forward to just running after Nov 24 without a big race to train for. And then I sign up for a Feb 10 half. Duh…


  6. That’s a lot of travel scheduled for the remainder of the year. But I know you… You’ll run in some very scenic places and keep busy with whatever fun things the city has to offer! I hope you are feeling better! Thanks for linking.

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