Four Somethings for October

January 2018 Share Foru Somethings #ShareFourSomethings

Thanks to Laurie from Meditations in Motion, I discovered a new link up started by blogger Heather Gerwing. The last Monday of each month, Heather invites other bloggers to share their “Four Somethings”Something Loved, Something Said, Something Learned, Something Read. If you are a blogger, you may post your Four Somethings too!

So here are mine:

Something Loved.

My vacation in France.  I pretty much loved everything about it.

the people

the buildings

the gardens

the public transportation

the food

Something Said.

 “Vous parlez bien le francais.” (You speak French very well.)

I was a French teacher but that was over 20 years ago.  I was able to get my point across and spoke French the whole time. My French was far from perfect so I loved getting this compliment (and more than once!!)

Something Learned.

I learned that it (running) doesn’t get any easier. You have to respect the distance.

Distance running is hard for me.  Even after 32 half marathons.

Especially when you walk over 12 miles the day before a race, it is sunny and warm and you have NO water to drink.

Halfway through the race, I really wanted to quit. In fact, I wasn’t sure that I COULD finish. I was feeling that bad….

I don’t know how but I finished that race…

with a smile!

Something Read.


Ok, I read the Girl on the Train and saw the movie. Didn’t love it but didn’t hate it either. Well, this book was a waste of time. Confusing. Too many characters and it just dragged on and on. Eventually I stuck it out and did finish it.  What a let down.

Happy Running! What are your FOUR somethings?  Share at least ONE.

9 thoughts on “Four Somethings for October

  1. Even I can understand the compliment (in French), but that’s really a pretty awesome compliment! Especially as the French are so notoriously prickly about accent. Escargot . . . yum!

    I wish I could rely on the water on a course, but I’ve learned that I can’t. Yes, carrying it is a pain (sort of). Getting dehydrated is even more of a pain.

    Something loved . . . Mr. Judy still randomly brings me flowers. After 33 years. Of course, he tends not to actually do it on the special day, and this anniversary was not different (he brought me flowers the week before), but still, it’s definitely sweet.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Flowers are a sweet gesture. I usually buy them for myself LOL

      I definitely think it’s a myth that French are not nice and picky about accent. I found it to be totally the opposite even as I struggled for the correct word or verb ending. They were very sweet and helpful.

      It’s funny that I didn’t see anyone during the race wearing a camelback. In fact, in my race this weekend in NYC, they are forbidden.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I have definitely bough my own flowers, too.

        When we were in Paris (before we moved here), we had one rude waiter but everyone else was lovely.

        I was trying to buy a pair of earrings once. I was have some trouble showing her which ones I wanted, and I never took french, but I do try to pick up a few words when I go to a foreign country. So I was able to say “a la gauche” and she got it. 🙂

        People often think we’re european and come up to us and start talking in french — even little old ladies!

        Anyway, I know some races don’t allow hydration vests. I suppose I can understand it but I probably wouldn’t run that race. I’ve had some good races relying on the aid stations, but far too many really bad ones.


    • Yes and it certainly helped with communicating with the natives.

      You do not even if you are running for a long time. Just have to re-adjust your goals and enjoy the run.


  2. I didn’t like Girl on a Train either. And I’ve learned to carry water with me at races – I’ve come across water stations that are cleared out too often to not hedge my bets. Sounds like despite the challenges, your race was still so good…I’m glad you had such a wonderful trip!

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