How Has Running Changed Me?

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Today’s Topic is: How Has Running Changed You? (Sorry I’m a week early.)

As I commented on another blogger’s post on this topic, it wasn’t actually running that changed me, it was tennis.

  • Tennis was the first sport that I ever participated in (and I was in my 40’s)
  • Tennis was the first sport that I ever competed in. I played on several teams and some even qualified for State and National competitions.

  • I bought many different tennis outfits and tennis sneakers.

  • I played tennis almost everyday.
  • I thought and talked about tennis constantly.
  • I took tennis lessons and participated in tennis clinics so that I could become a better tennis player.

  • I watched the Pros play in person and on TV.


  • My closest friends were those that I have met while playing tennis.

  • I took many tennis vacations.


  • My tennis friends and I did many things together besides playing tennis.


  • Tennis kept me active, healthy and physically fit.
  • Tennis gave me confidence.
  • Tennis made me feel younger.
  • My tennis friends talked me into becoming a runner.

So you can probably see a lot of similarities about how running may have changed my life. In fact, I can just substitute the word running above.

I now spend a lot (too much) money on racing, running clothes and shoes. I run often and talk about running to anyone who will listen. I take race-cations and sign up for running groups to improve my running. I have awesome friends that I have met through running.

How is running different from tennis and how has my life changed differently by becoming a runner?

  • I have a blog and as a result, I have a lot of virtual running friends (and even have met some in person).

blogger meet-up in Panama City, FL

  • I have a lot more flexibility in my active life. I can decide where and when I run and whom I run with.

running after work in Liverpool, NY

  • I set my own individual goals. My running goal or challenge does not impact anyone else.

5k PR

  • I am compared to other runners who are the same age. This has helped me feel successful and proud.

getting my 1st place medal from the race founder, Al Goldstein

  • I feel supported by other runners.

  • Even a bad run can have positive effects on my mood or day.

I am so grateful to tennis because it introduced me to running.

And I can’t imagine my life without running.

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Happy Running! How has running changed you?


32 thoughts on “How Has Running Changed Me?

  1. Although I was never an athlete, I did compete in “sports” as a kid — bowling & swimming. I was actually better at bowling . . . and I also competed musically.

    Competition was something that was actually missing from my life until running.


    • I did I guess compete academically. But I don’t think of running as competitive but for some it is. I like the social aspect of it. I’m a social person as you can tell.

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    • Well, I usually to be immersed in tennis. But it did change my life. And running has made me feel healthier and more confident as well.


  2. I felt like participating in sports led me to my running journey. But I love the flexibility of running and being able to do it on my own, but also being part of the running community.

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  3. This a great compare & contrast post 😉 I have played some tennis, but not enough to consider myself a tennis player. As clumsy & uncoordinated as I am, somehow, I can hold my own in racket sports (I was the table tennis champ in my college-level PE class, and was almost undefeated in my badminton class LOL). I don’t think we have any actives tennis leagues in my area, though or else I’d pursue tha.

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    • I am uncoordinated. I suck at ping pong and badminton. It took many lessons to get decent at tennis. Doesn’t your daughter play?


  4. I loved learning this about you!! I used to love to play tennis and was pretty obsessive about it, but running is much more flexible for me too!

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  5. That’s awesome that tennis was such a huge life changer for you! I didn’t realize that you hadn’t been playing your whole life. I too love running and it has been so inspiring and rewarding.

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  7. I love it when your posts trigger a long comment that turn into a post-I really do enjoy writing but sometimes struggle for ideas/integration.
    I played team sports as a kid and even ran track, but it took a random whim on a treadmill last January to really change me and my overall health

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