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Ok, this is not a funny topic.

But let’s face it. Things happen. The more races that you run, the more likely that you will either DNS or DNF or even both.

I have been lucky (or maybe just stubborn) but I have never had a DNF.

That doesn’t I mean that I haven’t come close or should probably have.

There was the time when I ignored a metatarsal stress fracture… and ran TWO races.

Runners World 5K

Then there was the time that I broke my foot at mile 1 and finished the 5K,

FRW – 2013

Of course, there was the time that the race was cancelled due to extreme heat, but I stubbornly continued running and crossed that finish line.

VCM Relay 2016 – I earned that medal!!

Now DNSes…I’ve had plenty. I register for a lot of races and I register early so there are several reasons for a DNS:

  • Weather

Yes, I’ve skipped a 5k or two because of rain. (But I have run half marathons in the rain.)

I wanted to DNS but I flew to CA for this race.

  • Travel Miscues

I have missed races because of cancelled flights. Twice that I can remember.

I was supposed to run a race with a friend in Palm Springs but instead did some trail running.

  • Injuries

The most common reason has been all my injuries – strained Achilles in 2010, broken ankle and stress fracture in 2013 and broken foot in 2013.

However, probably only two or three total DNSes from injuries. Not too bad.

  • Race Cancellation

Unfortunately, I just had one.  And it sucked.

I have also had races re-scheduled due to weather.

re-scheduled from Jan 1 – still too cold!

  • Lack of Mojo

Nope, none here.  If I sign up for a race, I run it.  For me, running a race is the best cure for a mojo slump.

  • Lack of Training

Same here.  I may not race the race.  But I will run it and even if I have to walk a lot of it.

post achilles injury so I walked half of this Half Marathon

Here are some interesting posts/articles on this topic:

In other words, sh##t happens and we deal.  Sometimes we make the right decisions and other times, not.  Either way, we move on and sign up for another race.

Since today is Tuesday, I’m also linking up with these wonderful ladies:

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I’m also linking this post with Susie and Rachel and Debbie and Lora for the Running Coaches’ Corner.

Happy Running! Have you ever DNFed or DNSed a race?  Please share.


21 thoughts on “TOTR: DNS or DNFed?

  1. I have never had either — yet — but I did have one race that really should have been DNS & I paid the price with pain for months in being stupid enough to run that one. I would DNS a race if I felt I was undertrained. Like I said on the other comment, it just doesn’t pay for me. Live to run another day. Nothing to do with the finish time, but it’s not worth it to be in pain for months afterward.

    I’ve come dangerously close to DNS due to my Dad’s health on multiple occasions, but haven’t had to actually do it yet.


  2. Thanks for sharing my post! I always get bummed about DNS, thankfully I haven’t had a DNF yet! I’d be crushed if one of my races was cancelled…especially if they don’t offer refunds!


  3. Wow, I cant believe you finished races with some of those serious injuries and bad weather! If I sign up for a race I will usually run it unless Im injured. Unfortunately I feel like I get injured all the time, which is why I stopped signing up for races too far in advance!

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