TOTR: Favorite Fuel of Choice

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Today’s Topic is: Favorite Fuel of Choice

Here is what I eat before and during a race or long run:

  •  Hot Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat


I eat this for breakfast before every race (or morning run). Sometimes I make instant and sometimes I make the real stuff.  My favorite flavor is maple or brown sugar cinnamon. I usually add raisins.

  • H20

Just plain water…nothing added.  And usually from the tap.

However, I plan to try adding Nuun to my water.

Image result for nuun

what is your favorite flavor?

  • GU


I usually take one gel every 4 miles or so during a race or long run.

It works for me so why switch? They don’t upset my stomach and they are easy to carry on a run.

My favorite flavors are:

  • with caffeine – Salted Caramel, Caramel Macchiato, Chocolate Outrage, Campfire Smores
  • without caffeine – Root Bear, Peanut Butter

Here are some of the new flavors:

  • Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars

They come in loads of flavors but I usually eat the plain fig or the blueberry. Since I usually run after work and before dinner, these bars give me the energy I need to get through my run.

Image result for natures fig bars

  • Bananas

runners and bananas

I love to eat them and they are a good source of potassium which is said to help prevent muscle cramping. Plus they come in their own wrapper. LOL.

I will eat one as an afternoon snack on days when I run after work.

  • Chocolate milk

Not fuel but refuel.

at my race last Saturday. I was sure happy.

For some reason, after a race or a long run, this is the only thing I can eat/drink right away.  It doesn’t upset my stomach.

Happy Running! What are your favorite fuel?


14 thoughts on “TOTR: Favorite Fuel of Choice

  1. I agree with how good chocolate milk is after a long run/race! 🙂

    I can do one Gu per long run – and want to try that Campfire S’mores flavor, yum – but after that I use Probar Bolt chews as they sit better with my stomach.

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  2. I haven’t used the GU gels but did use the Energy Chews a couple summers ago when I was doing longer distances. A couple of times I got side pains though after consuming them which was annoying. For Nuun I love the berry flavor and sometimes do a half/half with berry and the cola.

    Chocolate milk is the best after a race. I wish all races would offer it. 🙂


  3. Brrr on chocolate milk last weekend! I do love my HS chews. 🙂 Especially the caffeinated ones for a race — I save them for the race, though, to get that extra burst (but use the non caffeinated ones on double digit runs.

    I’ve no idea if I’m gonna have to shake things up when I go longer, but that’s a long ways away. Pun intended.


  4. I used to do toast and jam before my races. I don’t know why I fell out of a consistent routine for my pre-race meal…definitely something to think about!

    I haven’t had Gu often but the flavors I’ve had I HATED lol. I’ve been thinking about giving different types of fuels a chance during marathon training…some can really be hit or miss!


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