Runfessions January

It’s that time again. Time to get things off my chest with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice

  • I runfess…

I made a non-running goal to not just schedule running but to schedule relationships.  Well, I may have gone overboard with the friend-date thing.  I scheduled so many that I barely have to run. 4 mile runs kept turning into 2 mile runs.

Anyone else have their social or family life get in the way of their running schedule?

  • I runfess…

I applied for ambassadorships for products that I have never used before.  I am not ashamed because they are ALL products that I want to try and now I plan to use.

Am I the only one who does this?

  • I runfess…

I gave into this polar vortex. I ran indoors. This is the first winter that I have let the cold temps get to me. It was temporary, I hope. I plan to return to outdoor runs especially since I CANNOT do my long runs inside.

Anyone else chicken out this winter and run indoors?

  • I runfess…

I have been decluttering like mad.  Bags and bags of clothing have been given to charity.  But yet I ordered a new pair of running shoes for my half marathon in March.

and they match several of my Skirt Sports skirts

Is there anyone else who cannot resist a new pair of shoes (esp. when they are on sale)?

  • I runfess…

I love running with groups.  I couldn’t participate in the Troy Turkey Trot running group in the fall due to work/tennis (they changed the day from Mondays to Tuesdays).  Yet again this year, I registered for the Freihofer Training Group which starts at the end of March because it will be on Mondays. Well, now it looks like I am now out town for at least 6 out of the 10 Monday sessions. UGH!!

 The positive is that work pays the bills and gives me $$ for races.

  • I runfess…

The cookbook below was on sale for $2.99 (Kindle version) so I bought it. I don’t know why. Not only have I NOT made any of the recipes, I have not even looked at it.

Image result for run fast eat slow

So tell me how great these recipes are so maybe I will take a look!

Happy Running! Anything to runfess this month? Please share.


10 thoughts on “Runfessions January

  1. I runfess I’m always running inside right now… I just don’t fancy going out into the cold and rain and getting drenched, 😦 . Congrats on your ambassadorships! Hope you have fun with it!


  2. I also bought the RFES cookbook on the Kindle! It was such a bargain.

    I have never applied for an ambassadorship for a product I didn’t try and love. What if I didn’t like it? I have lost faith in some of the companies I repped and I resigned from a few. I’m giving them free publicity but they have to hold up their end of the deal too.


    • Have you made any if the recipes?

      I normally don’t apply for so many. So we’ll see I continue. But the socks and Nuun come highly recommended.


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