Runfessions – November ’17

It’s that time again (or at least yesterday was). Time to get things off my chest with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice

I runfess…

Still no before work runs.  One morning I did see a women running by my house around 6 am. That’s as close as I have gotten.

So I guess I will have to continue to run after work … in the dark.

Any advice on cold morning running? Or do you run at night?

I runfess…

I have been traveling a lot for work and because I’m trying not to pack so much, I have been only bringing ONE race outfit.

And sometimes I have worn it THREE days in a row.

Anyone else re-wear their running clothes (without washing them)?

I runfess…

I am usually pretty motivated to run when I travel since it’s interesting to run in a different place.  Unfortunately last week when in Buffalo, I accepted a dinner invitation instead of going for a planned run.

Skipping one run is no big deal except that that gave me FOUR rest days in a row.

Does food trump running for you ever? How many rest days in a row do you usually take (when you are healthy)?

I runfess…

On Thanksgiving, for my Turkey Trot races, I wore the race shirt.  I know it’s bad luck and I never have before…but it matched my skirt and was convenient.

Have you ever worn the race shirt to run the race?

I runfess…

After my races, I look at the winners of the age group awards in the next age group. Just curious since I am entering the next age group in May.

On Thanksgiving, I came in 7th in my age group in both races but would have won an award in the next age group…

Anyone else do this?

I runfess…

I am losing my blogging mojo.  It takes up so much time and I don’t have the time.  The only time I have to blog is on the weekends when I could be watching TV, talking to the hubby, cleaning, etc.

Any advice? Should I take a blogging break?  

I runfess…

I am not a fan of the cold weather.  I’m ok once I get out there but getting out there is tough.  It took me 30 minutes to leave work the other day.

So I ordered heavier tights.  New clothes is always an inspiration, right?

Toasty Tights

of course, I’ll wear a skirt over them

Does new clothes help you get out the door?

I runfess…

I don’t usually order race photos because they are too expensive but I am tempted here.  Not because I had a great race but because it was Vegas and I don’t plan to go back.

Anyone else order race photos?

Happy Running! Anything to runfess this month? Please share.


12 thoughts on “Runfessions – November ’17

  1. I have ordered a few race photos but not many. I really like the races that offer free photos!

    I don’t think you’re going to like the toasty tights. I love them, but they’re VERY warm. I’m lucky that I don’t have to motivate myself out the door early during the week — only meeting up with others would probably get me out that early on the weekends, too. I’d still rather start later . . .

    I have never worn the race shirt at a race. At least not yet.


  2. I do order race photos if it was for a really important race that meant a lot to me. Because all I usually get is selfies or pictures that someone else took that are usually not that great. Never ran in the dark. Hardly ever wear a race shirt (and never to a race… I am superstitious about changing my running habits). Love the age group runfess. However, I am so far here from ever winning anything (I like BIG races with thousands of people) that I never look. I like to look how I have placed though.
    For me, I stopped blogging, not only because of the writing, but because of reading & commenting. I loved it but it is a huge time commitment. I just finally took my blog off line after 9 months of hesitation. I had to accept that it was over. But I am also getting tired of social media. Too much BF and insta. Stopped twitter too. More time with family, reading & I started learning Italian. You will know when the time is right ! xoxo


        • I miss your blog too! But I totally get where you are coming from. I was getting ready to give up the blog and then I got RA. That gave me a whole new reason to write. Believe it or not, my blog views are much higher since then. Who knew? I am getting tired of social media, though. If I didn’t have the blog, I’d give up FB. I still like IG. I’m not active on any other platforms.


  3. Sometimes food does trump running for me! Don’t be so hard on yourself for having a couple extra rest days!

    Congrats on your race – I never look at age group award winners because I’m in no way close to placing ever, haha!

    I ran the Rothman 8K in Philly and one of the photos turned out fantastic – but it’s $30! It’s too good not to buy but it costs more than the actual race!

    I’ve been blogging a lot less and feeling less motivated too. I think it’s just that time of year. Nothing wrong with a short break!


  4. I will buy race pictures if they’re good and if it was from a special race – I’d say that your Vegas race qualifies on both accounts!

    Maybe just blog when you feel like it, like race recaps or random thoughts. I think when it becomes a task to keep up with, that’s when it gets tiring.


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