Running Update: 10.16.17-10.22.17


Last Week: 

  • Monday – Drove to Liverpool for work. In the rain. Thought I wouldn’t get to run but the rain stopped. Boy was it cold and windy.  Wasn’t I just on our boat the previous day??

  • Tuesday – Our first hard frost. But I had to work and then drive to Buffalo. The weather was so nice after work that I had to squeeze in a quick run even though it meant arriving late at night.

20 degrees warmer than Monday and sunny

  • Wednesday – Another long work day in Buffalo but I was determined to run. And I did. Perfect weather and great scenery.

Actually it was 5 Miles including 83 steps for a view

Got in a few walks as well. Lots of interesting sites in the city. Gotta take advantage before the after work daylight ends.

  • Thursday – Another work day and then a long 5 hour drive home. Ran one time before getting in my car. This time around downtown Buffalo.

  • Friday – I thought I might get in a run after work. (Trying to front load my runs since I wouldn’t be running on the weekend and rain was predicted for everyday the following week.) But I had too much to do before my upcoming weekend away including meeting up with Julia who was visiting from Moscow.

First met Julia in 2002. And last saw her in 2009.

  • Saturday – Road trip with some tennis friends. Goal: hiking in Watkins Glen and girl time. We got lucky with perfect weather too.

No running but 6.5 miles of trails

Afterwards we ate dinner on the Seneca Lake.  And then sat by the bonfire at our hotel on the lake.

  • Sunday – Another perfect day. We took a long hike to a waterfall and afterwards ate lunch at a winery.  The trail to the waterfalls was ideal for running (sigh).

No long run today but 9 miles hiking

13 miles done.

This Week: NYC

  • Monday – off to NYC for work
  • Tuesday –  after work run in NYC?
  • Wednesday after work run in NYC?
  • Thursday after work run in NYC?
  • Friday – rest day, train home
  • Saturday – rest day
  • Sunday – 12 mile run

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Linking up with the Jess's

Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you? Ever skip a long run before a big race? Ever feel FOMO when with your non-running friends?

Please share.


18 thoughts on “Running Update: 10.16.17-10.22.17

    • It was. I’m glad I had the opportunity to see it. I almost didn’t go because I am so busy with work and have a racecation coming up.


  1. I actually don’t have local non-running friends.

    I wanted to get in a hike to a waterfalls yesterday but it didn’t happen. 😦 Beautiful weather this weekend but in general it wasn’t a great weekend for us.


  2. You’ve got the right idea by running around in the cities you visit. It’s the perfect way to see the sights! The weekend hiking looks lovely. I’d love just being outside in sunshine and nature! And, visiting with friends. Thanks for linking.


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