TOTR: “I’m getting better”

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This quote always makes me laugh.

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This month’s topics are free so I’ve chosen: “I’m Getting Better.”

I know they say that as runners age, they get slower.

That may be true if you started running young. Of course, you are slower than when you ran in college.

But at as an adult-onset runner, I think that you can still get faster or at least become a better runner as you age.

For most of us, we think better equals faster.  And yes it does since races are always timed.  But we can also become better in many ways.

Here’s how:

Get Faster

Maybe it’s mental but I refuse to believe that I am getting slower.  I don’t try to PR at every race.  I don’t even train or do drills to PR.

But I enter each race to do my best, have a fun and if possible, have a course PR.

That helps take off the pressure because every race is different even if it is the same distance.

So in 2017 even though I turned 64, it has been the year of course PRs:

  •  Polar Cap 4m

2015 – 37:40, 2017 – 37:20

  • Shamrock 5m

2016 – 46:28, 2017 – 46:09

  • Bacon Hill 5K

2016 – 27:54 , 2017 – 27:32

  • Lake George 5K

2013 –  29:17, 2017 – 27:53

  • Summer Smith 5k

2016 –  28:29, 2017 – 27:26

  • Freihofer 5k

2016 – 28:50, 2017 – 27:48

  • Adirondack 10m

2016 –  1:42:21, 2017 – 1:39:35

  • Silks & Satins 5k

2016 – 28:27, 2017 – 27:37

  • Race the Train (8.4 m)

2016 – 1:28:54, 2017 – 1:28:27

Every race that I repeated, I was faster in the same race this year.  I don’t expect this to happen in the coming years so I am enjoying my current success.

However, I refuse to believe that my speedy days are over.

Age Group Awards

Yes, I know it depends on how many are in your age group and who shows up.  In any given race, you can win one and even if you have a PR, not win one.

As you age and enter new age group groups, your chances increase.

Entering small and less popular races, increase your chances.

I have been lucky this year to win one in almost all my races.

Fewer Injuries

Yes, hopefully we get smarter as we age.  We take rest days when we need them.  We skip or shorten our runs when we feel pain.

I (knock on wood) have not had any injuries since my broken foot in 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope it stays this way.  That means running smart.  Deciding when to run easy and when to go all out.

Carpe Diem

Yes as we age, we seize more opportunities. Maybe it’s because our kids are grown.  Maybe it’s because we are more confident.  Maybe because we have more running friends (that talk us into crazy things.)

We take race-cations, go on girls only weekends and sign up for challenges, Ragnars, and other wild running events.

I have always tried to coordinate a vacation or visit to a friend with a race.  Last year, I participated in a girls weekend in Florida and one in NYC and it was so much fun, that I planned more this year:

  • NYC in April with Sue & Maureen (Shape Half)
  • NYC in August with Sue (France 8k)
  • Corning, NY in October with local friends (Wine Glass Half)
  • Las Vegas in November with blogger friends (RnR 5k & Half)
  • PCB in December with blogger friends ??????????

So what do you think?  Can we become better runners as we age?  Are you getting better?

13 thoughts on “TOTR: “I’m getting better”

  1. I was just talking to my running buddy about this! I think we can become stronger, smarter runners (it’s interesting how you and I both had injuries in the early years of becoming runners, but nothing since)(KNOCK ON WOOD) – but I also think there are natural peaks and valleys…I feel like I might be coming out of a valley this year, which would be nice. And heck yes to saying yes to more running adventures!!!


  2. Hi Darlene,

    Discovered your blog about two months ago. Read every entry since the start. Impressive. I started running only three years ago after I retired at age 67. Just turned 70. Have raced 27 times. All 5 kms except three 10 kms. I measure my progress by looking at my average pace for each race since they are all different in lenght. My race pace this year is better than any of my previous times. I’m happy that I can still progress and have fun.

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