Whipple City 5K Race Recap

June 17, 2017 8:30 am

There were several different race options for today. Some I had run before and some I had not.

I decided on Whipple City in Greenwich because I had heard good things about the race and it was north so I could possibly continue up to the lake afterward. Also two of my running group friends usually run the 5k.

There was also a hillier 10k option but I decided to run the 5k and then add more miles after (if my legs and the weather cooperated.)

As I may have mentioned many times, I recently PR’d for the half marathon but my 5ks have stagnated for years… Most of 5ks times have been 27:XX and in cool weather on flatish courses.  If I didn’t have those conditions (like today), my times would be slower but hopefully faster than 30 minutes.

So today, I planned to run at a consistent pace and enjoy the course. I hadn’t done any speed drills in about month so no PR goals for this race. Depending on who showed up, I may have even been able to snag an age group award.

I probably wasn’t thinking clearly because going to this race, which started at 8:30 am, meant that I had to leave my house at no later than 6:45 am.  According to Google, it was going to take 1h 9min.  There were local races that started later and only 15 minutes away. (Crazy lady I am!)

So I got up earlier on a Saturday than I do on a normal work day (Oh, the things we runners do…) and found the location with no problem.

race started in front of the middle school

The weather was cloudy, warm and very humid with showers/thunderstorms forecast for later in the day. I wore my normal summer running outfit of a skirt and a tank. We got a gender-specific tech shirt which I went back to store in my car.

In no time at all, I spotted my two running group friends, Holly and Jackie. They wanted to do a warm up run but I declined.  (Gotta save my legs for the race and after, right?.)

So I hung around the school and chatted with a few other women that I knew.  It was a fairly small crowd. About 100 running the 5k and only about 15, I think, in the 10k.

race start and finish

The race was described as “a scenic course past village homes and beautiful countryside in Greenwich, NY” and the course (see map below) as out & back, mixed flat & hills, roads.


Both Holly and Jackie, who have run it, before confirmed that the 5k started out uphill and then there were rolling hills but a pretty course.

We started near the front since it was not chip timed and soon after the rifles (above) were fired, we were off.

Whenever I run with Holly, I know not to try to keep up.  She always starts out fast and she beat me by 3 seconds in the Freihofer;s 5k but I have beaten her in the past.

And true to form, out ahead she went.  My legs felt like I was running in cement.  Maybe I should warm-up??  Uphill I dragged myself and tried to keep Holly in view.

Then I realized I never started my watch.  Oh, well. Another naked race!

It seems to bother me more not knowing my pace in a short race for some reason.  There’s not a lot of time and I don’t know if I should slow down or speed up.

The worst part of the race was the humidity…UGH!!

There was water around mile 1.25 and I took a quick drink.  But when I passed it the water again on the way back, I stopped and walked for a while.

I wasn’t far behind Holly until that walk. But I knew that she usually loses some steam toward the end (which she did).

I caught up to her but didn’t have enough left to pass her.

She beat me by 3 seconds!  Again!!

My time was 27:30. (No split times to share 😦 )

I was pleased.  It was faster than I thought I would run this race. And I thank Holly for pacing me.

We hung around waiting for the 10kers to finish and then watched the kids run the 1K.

Of course, I treated myself to two cups of chocolate milk and two donuts.

Battenkill brand, my favorite!!

Holly and I are in the same age group. She got first and I got second.

All in all, it was an enjoyable race.  I’m not sure I will run it again because of the driving distance (and the awards are only a ribbon) but maybe.

My hubby decided to not go boating until the next day so I had all the time in the world to do more running. Besides,  I did have a 10 mile race in a week (and lots of rain forecast for the coming week.)

So I drove to Saratoga Spa State Park and planned on running at least 6 miles.

Unfortunately, my legs did not agree with the plan.   They were soooo tired. That is very unlike me.  I don’t even feel that way after a half marathon.

I’m not sure why…humidity? lack of sleep? stress at work?  fast 5k???

Anyway, I tried to run.  But I had to walk…a lot and quit after 5 miles.  I guess it was better than driving home and taking a nap.

Isn’t the park beautiful?  Mineral springs, waterfalls, trails, etc.

Happy Running! Anyone race this weekend?  

10 thoughts on “Whipple City 5K Race Recap

  1. Nice pace! You run more races than anyone I know! One of my friends here turned 50 this year and is on his way to running 50 5ks. Who knew there were that many 5ks around here?


  2. That is a great time especially for a humid hilly course! My summer 5k times are always much slower than the fall/winter ones. And I’ve never been able to run additional miles after a 5k. I think it’s because you push yourself so much harder during the shorter distance races than longer ones that the poor legs are just shot. 🙂

    Congratulations on yet another AG award!


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