Lake George 5k Race Recap

I signed up for this race on a whim. I mean, it’s the week before my half marathon and I should be tapering not racing.


the day before the Lake George Half Marathon in 2011

I love Lake George. The half was my second half marathon ever (in the freezing rain!)


finishing the Lake George Half in 2011

They changed the sponsoring company of the race (from Dean Reinke to Stronger To Serve) so I decided to run the half marathon again last year with Barbara.

April 2016 – chilly in Lake George, NY

Anyway, I thought it would be a good opportunity to visit with my Lake George friends after the race (or maybe even shop at the Outlets.)

with my friend Kathy last year

So this year, when I got a $10 off coupon in my e-mail, I said: “what the heck? why not run the 5k?” Plus you got the same medal, tee shirt and age group award as if you had run 13.1 miles (as Tom in the photo below reminded me.) I don’t know if that will be the same this year. The website indicates that it is a cotton tee for the 5kers and no medal. That is ok with me. (I have enough shirts and medals.)

I wasn’t sure if they changed the course from the 2013 course but I know it is hilly anywhere in Lake George. But it looks about the same on the website.

2013 course (Spoiler alert: not the 2017 course)

Again the dilemma of what to wear … some days it feels like spring, other days it feels like winter.

So left my house early (around 7:15 am) and it was chilly (37 degrees!!)!! I decided to wear something similar to last week (short sleeved shirt & DIY arm sleeves, skirt & compression socks) and hope for the best. I also wore a jacket that I planned to ditch but forgot my gloves at home.

When I arrived (around 8:15 am), I started by looking for parking in the hotel lot. (If it was full, I planned to check out the park or the village or my friends’ house.) I managed to find a spot and went to pick up my race packet and bib which was outside in back of the hotel.

Short sleeved tech shirt


yup, that’s the last part of the nasty gravel hill to the finish line

I was early so walked around for a while.  It was very sunny and there was no wind so the temps were warming up nicely.

I already took of my jacket and rolled down my sleeves

Then I went back to my car to put away my race shirt and I bumped into Judith who was running the half.

We hung out until it was time for her race to start.  I was able to watch the half marathoners start and finish their first mile before my race began.

there’s goes Judith on her way to a PR and 2nd place woman finisher

Most of the runners there were racing the half marathon so there was only a small crowd doing the 5K. Fifteen minutes after the half started, it was time for the 5k race.

The course that we ran was completely different from the one I had run a few years ago.  We actually ran the same course as the half but just turned around a lot sooner.

So we ran down Beach road for 1/2 mile and then circled a parking lot and returned and passe the start line.  This was my least favorite part because we had to run on the sidewalk (my ankle gets angry on sidewalks) but at least the view was nice.

The temperature was perfect for running.  It was probably in the high 40’s by the start.  I was comfortable in what I was wearing except for my hands which were cold. I didn’t feel like I was running fast but looking at my splits, it seems that I was for the first mile.  I’ve been trying to run by feel and not look at my watch during a race.

We continued along Beach Road past the tour boats and eventually turned right onto Canada Street (the main road of the town).

Canada Street was slightly uphill and we ran through town and then turned right onto 9N and ran uphill for another 1 1/2 miles until we had to turn around.  I was running slower due to the hill but didn’t feel the need to walk like I usually do.

behind those restaurants is the road in town

Finally we took a left onto Beach Road and then had turn right onto a narrow path and run uphill and then turn again onto to a gravel path. It was very hard to run uphill on loose stones. I slowed down to almost a walk but finally did sprint across the finish line.

I crossed at 27:53 and I was pleased with my effort.

I wasn’t tired, I didn’t push myself at all.  Maybe I could have PRed but I was planning to enjoy the race and then have enough energy to run more miles after. Mission accomplished.

As soon as you finished, they handed you your results and if you won an award, you got a glass. (But no medal as they gave last year for the 5k. Oh well.) No waiting around for awards.  No announcing of names and ages.

Yup, I won first in my age group.

Race Splits:

mile 1 – 8:44
mile 2 – 9:16
mile 3 – 8:47
.15 – 9:24

I got some refreshments and then decided to run some miles on the nearby bike trail. I ran 2 miles (which was all uphill) and then turned around (That downhill was fun!).

The I went back to my car and drove about 30 minutes north to Bolton Landing (where we keep out boat and I do all my summer runs.)

Unfortunately, I was running out of time. I had made lunch plans.  So I ran in town and then over the bridge to the Sagamore Hotel and then back to my car. I only had time for 2 more miles.  My legs still felt strong but this would have to do for the day.

view from the bridge

So I changed my clothes (in my car) and rushed off to the restaurant.  Kathy & I  did a lot of catching up and had a scrumptious lunch with a view of the water.

I’m wearing my race shirt, of course

After lunch, we drove back into town and walked around for a while before we parted.

quiet day at our marina

I ended the day with some ice cream (why not?) and some retail therapy at the outlets (and I did not buy any running related items).

All in all, a perfect day

I’m also linking with Susie and Rachel and Debbie and Lora for the Running Coaches’ Corner.

Happy Running! Did you run or race this weekend?


12 thoughts on “Lake George 5k Race Recap

  1. Congrats on the AG! I love when 5k’s give the same swag as the longer distance. I hope that continues. It’s nice for the 5k runners to feel like their race is just as important because for some it may be the longest distance they do.

    You certainly had gorgeous views even though the course had changed!


  2. Oh man, running on gravel is hard! Nice job with that race – congrats on the AG award. You look super cute in the race shirt – green is a good color on you. What a fun day – running, eating with a friend, and shopping. Sounds just about perfect to me. 🙂


  3. That finish is probably the toughest one of any race that I’ve done. It’s like I was running backwards, although my splits say otherwise.

    Great job on your age group win! I’m so glad we got to hang out before the race. 🙂 And thanks again for the great photos.


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