TOTR: Foolish Running Mistakes

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Today’s Topic is: Foolish Running Mistakes

I could write the book on these. So here’s just of few of my big goofs:

  • Running without my phone.

I’ve only done it on rare occasions but I couldn’t have died on that frigid day when I fell and broke my ankle. I’ll never do it again!! You never know what may happen when you are out on a run.

before the fall

  • A Long Run Without Fuel

I’m one of those runners who needs to eat before, during and after my runs if they are longer than 4 miles. I’ve had a few miserable ones where I left my Gu in my car and one that I can remember where it must of fallen out of my pockets.

  • Over-Dressed for a Run or Race

I would rather be cold than hot when I run.  If I am cold, I just run faster.  Being overdressed makes me grumpy and nauseous.

having my jacket tied around my waist makes me annoyed too…

  • Running Fast on a Trail

It’s pretty obvious that you have to run slower when there is loose dirt and rocks.  I discovered that the hard way this past weekend.

not happy but all bandaged up

  • Not Charging Your Watch Before a Race

Yup, I’ve run several races where I had no idea what mile I was on nor my pace.  The first inconvenience bothered me the most.  It influenced fueling as well as my finish time.

a naked half marathon. I felt like the runner next to me.

  • Poor Pre-Race Meal Choice

At home, I’m ok.  But when I am traveling especially if I am staying with someone who is cooking for me, it’s often difficult to eat the right thing. Of course, then you pay during the race.

That face may be been from my upset stomach, the first 3 miles (spicy rice & beans the night before)

  • Blisters or Chafing from Clothing or Shoes in a Race

We all know not to wear new items of clothing or new shoes in a race.  I am pretty good about it or maybe it’s that I have been lucky in that area.  But I have run without the proper moleskin protecting my feet.  The results were not pretty.

This week I am also joining up with Running on Happy, Suzlyfe, Crazy Running Girl, and Coach Debbie Runs each week for the Coaches’ Corner linkup


Happy Running! What running mistakes have you made?  Any of the same ones as I have?  Do you learn from your mistakes or do you repeat some them?


19 thoughts on “TOTR: Foolish Running Mistakes

  1. Thanks for these – on my last trail run I almost sprained my ankle because of the uneven terrain and quickly realised I had to be a bit more careful. I never run with my phone as I always think everything will be okay – but after reading this I may have to rethink that!


  2. Oh no, I hadn’t realized you were out on a run and broke your ankle 😦 I’m glad that one turned out ok! I’ve definitely made most of the rest of these mistakes at one time or another.


  3. I think you’ve got almost everything here! When I ran my marathon, my watch died with about 2 miles to go…I couldn’t believe it, but at that point I didn’t care haha! I always worry about underdressing but thankfully I always warm up – though the DC half marathon was super cold!


  4. I rarely run with my phone, but I always run with someone who carries their phone, so I’m good, I guess. Like you, I hate being hot/overdressed for a run and especially for a race. I warm up so quickly that even if it starts out cold, I have to remind myself that I will not be a happy runner if I wear too many layers.


  5. Fortunately I haven’t yet had a major accident but I have had a few falls! And made all those mistakes. Plus running into fields with no way out at the other end, getting lost and I’m sure much more!


  6. You have some really hilarious photobombs in two of these pics! 😀 A friend of mine fell on ice, broke her leg and shattered her ankle and had to call herself an ambulance. That would be miserable to not have access to a phone.


  7. I’ve been caught with a couple of these you mention. And I whole heartedly agree, I will NEVER run without my phone. The only time I will do so is if it’s a) a short run and b) if I’m with someone. If I’m alone, no matter how short the run, I take my phone. You’re absolutely right — you never know what may happen on a run.


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