Running Update: 4.3.17-4.9.17


Last Week:

  • Monday – Tonight was the third Freihofer Challenge Group run. We ran 4 miles with 5 one minute strides in the mix. Holy Moley! My legs did not like that. But my back pain is gone. Go figure.

snow has washed away. and yes they make us stretch after.

  • Tuesday – A rainy day but a rest day. After work, I went to hear Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor speak.  What an amazing lady!!

She walked through the audience as she spoke and she shook my hand. Everyone got a free copy of her book too.

  • Wednesday – A nice running day so Alyssa and I met again at the Crossings for a run.

  • Thursday – Another rainy day. I bailed on my run but went to the gym instead.

Machines and the bike. No treadmill!

  • Friday – A scheduled rest day and a stressful day at work followed by an evening with the mah jongg ladies.
  • Saturday – Today I ran the Bacon Hill Bonanza 5k. It was so so windy and cold or at least it felt that way. But I ran a decent race and won my age group.

27.32 and I walked during the last mile.

I was too cold to run more so I left and then changed my mind and stopped at the Zim Smith Trail. My legs were tired and it was one of my worst long runs. I walked. A lot.  And finally gave up after 7 pathetic miles.

The sun came out when I was almost done but it was still cold and windy

  • Sunday – Rest day #4 but a busy day. I even managed to get to the gym for the 2nd time this week.

 3 more weeks to go!!

20 miles done with 3 runs and 4 rest days

This Week:

  • Monday – FRW Training Group Run (4 miles), Mah jongg Seder
  • Tuesday – 4 miles
  • Wednesday – rest day, gym, STEM group run (week 1, day 2 of Couch to 5k)
  • Thursday – 6 miles with Alyssa
  • Friday – rest day, hair appt, mah jongg
  • SaturdayCode Blue 8K race7 more
  • Sunday – rest day, gym?, TAXES!!

Once again, I am linking up for the Weekly Wrap hosted by these wonderful bloggers Holly @ HoHoRuns and Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlin. See rules here.

Happy Running! How is your running going? How is your running weather?


16 thoughts on “Running Update: 4.3.17-4.9.17

  1. Obviously my weather is the same as yours. But because my half could be rainy, and it wasn’t pouring, I decided to run Thursday anyway. It really wasn’t bad.

    I did decide not to run tonight. We don’t do a seder but we do a meal in the spirit of the holiday so it was kind of bothering me. I’m hoping to get there next week.


    • It was a downpour when I got off work Thursday. Two rest days in a row helped my speed in the 5k but obviously didn’t help in the long run. I think I just wasn’t into it. I’m going to try to find company for Sat’s 7 extra.

      Mud? Just don’t wear new expensive shoes LOL.

      My friends are having a seder which I will head to right after my training group.

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      • I actually ran fairly late in the day, but still probably before you got out of work on Thursday. It could also just be location.

        We are thinking about Sat’s race (Lloyd has a coworker running it, which sparked his interest), but I also might have to make another trip to Poughkeepsie. It’s winding down, but there’s still a fair amount there. So I just don’t know. It’s frustrating (I also need to get a haircut!).


        • I keep telling my hubby that we need to start cleaning out our house. I don’t want his sons to have to do what you and your siblings are doing.

          I cant wait to get my haircut – it’s a week overdo since my hairdresser had to cancel last week.

          So maybe I’ll see you Sat or not. If you run on the Delmar rail from Slingerlands parking lot (not Stewarts) to Altamont, you can get a good 8 miles of dirt.

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