TOLT: News, Training, Racing, Weather, etc.

Since it is Thursday, I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

thinking out loud

Here’s what I’m thinking about today:

Good/Bad News:

  • I am 0 for 2 in lotteries. I did not get into Beach to Beacon:
Image result for beach to beacon 2017

Aug 5 in Maine (Joan Samuelson’s race)

I was not as disappointed as with the NYC Half.  I just entered this one as a whim not even considering the date, the location, etc. I am sometimes pretty impulsive but I do want to run this 10K at some point.

  • I also did not selected as a RNR Run/Blogger. I was not surprised as my blog does not have big following. But I did get picked as a ZOOMA Race Ambassador.

Image result for zooma ambassador 2017

I will run Annapolis as a virtual race but not sure which ones if any of the other races I can fit in or afford.

Image result for zooma ambassador 2017

Who’s going to any of these?  Cape Cod (Oct 7), Amelia Is, FL (Oct 21) or Austin (Mar 10).  If I go, I will need a roommate.

This is an exciting opportunity. It’s always fun to run new races and meet new runners.

  • Freihofer Run for Women Training Challenge:

Image result for freihofer's run training challenge

This is the 7th year of this program and my third year participating.  It has expanded and grown and offers many times and locations for women to train with others or become a first time runner.

I signed up for the Advanced group again.  Our first meeting was this past Monday. It was so much fun to catch up with all of last year’s returning runners (though many did the Troy Turkey Training too so I saw them in November).

Patrick, who is young and cute, is still one of our coaches.  He is constantly scolding me for not running as fast as he thinks I am able and mostly for racing every weekend.  In fact, he mentioned that in a interview about the program.  He didn’t mention me by name but everyone knew whom he was talking about.

Again he told me that I won’t get faster if I race every weekend but he knows that I will anyway.  He says that I should pick a few goal races and the other ones just use as training runs.  In fact, he said to run my extra miles before the race so I run on tired legs and don’t run fast during the race.

It makes sense but I don’t know if I can run a race and not do my best.  What do you think?

  • Weather:

Spring has officially arrived.  But you wouldn’t know it.  We still have lots of snow and Wednesday the wind chill was around 0 degrees.

the only sign of spring is that the soft ice cream places are open

  • Treadmill.

I am pretty proud of myself.  I ran my first (and hopefully last) time on the treadmill this year.  I was traveling for work and used the one at the hotel.  It was awful but I did it.

Because I signed up early for the Freihofer Run for Women, I have a free 6 month membership to a gym.

Image result for vent fitness guilderland

It’s just a few minutes from where I work (though not on my way home) and I’ll have more info on it when I actually go there.

Happy Running! What’s new with you today?  Tell me in the comments.

12 thoughts on “TOLT: News, Training, Racing, Weather, etc.

  1. “but he knows that I will anyway” – this made me laugh so hard! Story of us runners, that’s for sure. And if you run a race on tired legs, how will you win your AG awards?? Patrick doesn’t have his priorities straight. 😉

    I’m not going to do Zooma in Austin (too.many.hills.) but if you happen to come out for that race, we will have to get you out here (we’re about 90 minutes from where the race is) to come run with my peeps and eat at Blue Baker!


    • Good to know about those hills. If I ever come to TX I will definitely come to meet your renegades and taste the Blue Baker goodies


  2. Nice that you signed up for a run that includes a free gym membership! SWEET! I love the coaches advice funny that he thinks you will just do what you want to do, really??? LOL!


  3. Oh Darlene, sorry you didn’t get lottery picked again. That’s a bummer. And I’m sorry too about Rock’n’Blog – I think this year because they changed ownership a bit all of the “old” ambassadors got in again (including me, and you know I do not have a huge blog following … but I am only 1 of 2 in Europe so, there’s that). Maybe try again next year if you are still interested! Things will change – we are required to do a lot more blogging and participation so those who don’t keep up probably won’t make it next year. You’d be a great Rock’n’Blogger !!

    how cool with the free gym membership!!! and well done on the treadmill workout while you were traveling for work! I.freaking.hate.the.treadmill.

    I think it is definitely possible to run a race without actually racing it! But I have running friends here who can’t do it either. I definitely can. Most of the time I don’t care about time. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I have a goal race and that’s the one I really focus on. My husband is learning this slowly, so perhaps you can learn it too 😉


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