Runfessions – February

It’s that time again (or a day late.) Time to get things off my chest with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice

For a short month, I have quite a few runfessions:

I runfess…

I keep looking at a photo from my last race wondering how I ran that fast.  In my training runs, I struggle to run a 12 mm.


mile 4 was under 9 mm? Who is that runner?

I just can’t motivate myself to run fast when it doesn’t count. Good thing I don’t have a coach? Or is it?

I runfess…

When I was sick, I walked more than ran during my runs. But I still counted them as running miles. Does anyone else count their walks?


walking is better than nothing.

I don’t pause my watch (when I wear one) when I stop and walk over ice either.

It’s movement, right?

And the race clock doesn’t stop when you walk during a race. It’s still 13.1 miles.

I runfess…

I’m not as bummed out as I thought I would be about my flu interrupted half marathon training.

I will finish the race even if I walk half of it. I’ve walked half a half marathon before and still finished in 2:45.

It is what it is.

At least I will be in Florida, visiting friends and I have tickets for a Mets spring training game (right after my half marathon). Woo Hoo!

Image result for 2017 mets spring training

Mets vs Cardinals in Jupiter, Fl – March 5

 I runfess…

That being said about not seriously running the race, I have still started weather stalking.

It’s too early, right?

It can still change to 60 degrees, dry and no wind.

I runfess…    

I am so sick of wearing my winter running clothes that I’ve already worn my new spring Skirt Sports skirt.

Yes there is still snow on the ground

I mean it was 55 degrees.

Then the next day, I wore capris and I admit, my legs were a little cold.

40 degrees out but windy

I runfess…    

I don’t like to wear headphones. So I just play music or podcasts off the speakers on my iphone or ipod.

just running sans headphones…my iphone is in my pocket under my skirt

Is that rude?

No runners have ever said anything when they run by me. But then again, they all seem to be wearing headphones so I am probably not bothering them.

I runfess…

Ok, when it’s free don’t you want to eat more and forget the calories?

When I work at the Bar Exam, they pay for breakfast and lunch.  Normally I would eat yogurt & granola for lunch and a banana for a snack.

Since I wasn’t paying, I had a chocolate croissant from Starbucks with a venti Butterscotch latte and lasagna for lunch on Tuesday.

It wouldn’t have been so bad but I sat for 10 hours and didn’t even run after.

I worked there again on Thursday and Friday.  And I didn’t eat any healthier. 😦

Happy Running! Anything to Runfess? Spill…





14 thoughts on “Runfessions – February

  1. You’re not only running fast in that picture, you look like you’re smiling too! So it must have been a good feeling! And you’re right, the clock doesn’t stop in the middle of a race, neither should it during training runs. Even potty breaks should be timed so you can have a realistic number. (I learned that from hubby when he had to pee during Chicago… He knew he had about 45 seconds, lol)


  2. Lol! You made me laugh Darlene! Yes walking definitely counts as distance if it occurs in the process of a run. And free food (or meals included in the cost of a conference) – it’s so difficult!!! Often what is provided isn’t what you would have chosen yourself, so yes I use it as an excuse to go way off routine! It doesn’t happen often for me so fortunately no major impact😄


  3. Having run training runs with you, I can tell you you’re rarely running a 12 mm. As usual, you’re too hard on yourself. I don’t pause my watch for my walk breaks, obviously, but I do pause it when I have to walk over an icy bridge. Cause that ain’t happening in my next half. Thank God! If it does, then we really need to talk about climate change.

    I wish I had your metabolism. You may be heavier than you were, but I can assure you, if I ate like you, I’d be much, much heavier than I am (or you are).


  4. I don’t pause my watch for anything, so yes, I guess I count walking toward mileage. The pace takes a hit, so I feel like I’m paying for it that way. Yeah if it’s free, I’d probably splurge too. Ha!


  5. Sorry to hear you were sick, I hope you’re feeling better! It’s funny how sometimes in races we can really surprise ourselves. It’s strange to me that I can run sub-9 in a short race but then spend so much time in the 11-11.5 minute range on my easy runs.

    I use headphones, I’d be scared of getting dirty looks if I ran with my music on speaker, especially with the type of music I listen to!


    • Good to hear that I’m not the only one that runs slow in training runs and then faster in a race.

      I will wear headphones if I start getting any of those strange looks LOL


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