Bill Hogan 3.5 Mile Race Recap


January 1, 2017

Every year, the Hudson Mohawk Road Runners Club puts on the Winter Series, a series of free races for its members ($5 for non-members). On New Year’s Day, starting at noon, they offer the Hangover Half or 3.5 mile Bill Hogan Run as Winter Series #2. (I was Florida for Winter Series #1.)

In 2015, I ran the Hangover Half (as a training run.)


and it was a very cold one

Last year, I wasn’t that crazy. I decided to run only 3.5 miles.


It was definitely more enjoyable so I decided to run the 3.5 miler again this year.

For New Year’s Eve, my hubby and I had a quiet evening – just dinner out and a movie. We usually go Lake George on New Year’s Day and to a party but my hubby didn’t want to and I was fine with it (cuz I secretly wanted to do this race.)


all I drank was this small bottle of champagne

I arrived at UAlbany early and was surprised at how many people were running on New Year’s Day (at least 500.) It helped that the race didn’t start until noon so even if you did party for New Year’s Eve, you could still race this one.

Plus, the weather was perfect – sunny and close to 40 degrees.  Unfortunately it was breezy but it is always windy here (even if it’s isn’t anywhere else.)

This race brings out everyone I know who runs – from running groups, races, friends, etc. So it’s great seeing everyone and catching up.

I immediately bumped into Judy and we hung out inside and chatted with one of her friends until the race began.


in Skirt Sports, of course

I also wound up chatting with another runner that was running the half marathon option. And then we had to hustle to get to the start.

I told myself to have a “relaxing” race.  And I did.  In the beginning, I had to weave in and out to get past the slower runners. But then, it was fine, I tried to keep an even pace. (Except when I passed my Freihofer/Turkey Trot coach, then I sped up. LOL)


This course is not flat. There are annoying hills throughout. Nothing awful until you are tired.

I kept up a decent pace for the first 2 miles. There were no mile markers but I could hear my Garmin beep. I really didn’t pay attention to my pace or time.

By mile 3, I was losing steam. So I started to walk in order to maintain some kind of decent pace. Plus, you were running into the wind the whole last mile.  I walked several times including up the last hill.

Finally, it was over and I was surprised to see that the clock read almost 34 minutes. So I booked it and passed quite a few runners.  There was quite a gridlock at the finish line and it is not chip timed.  You have to stand in line and get a piece of paper and then record your time.

Since I forgot to stop my Garmin right away, I asked my friend (who crossed with me) what her time was and so recorded mine at 34:03.

Mile splits:

mile 1: 9:06
mile 2: 9:03
mile 3: 9:17
.82 – 9:57

Yes, the course was long!! Last year, it was 3.75 not 3.5 miles too.

Surprisedly I was faster than last year. It is nice to know that this relaxing goal is not making me slower.

For a free race, they have decent refreshments – vegetable soup, bread, fruit, cookies, hot cocoa.

And I had all of the above and many pieces of cranberry bread.

I waited around for awhile for Judy and some other runners to finish.

They give 10 year AG awards to the top 2 in each group. I was chatting with some runners and was surprised when they called my name for 2nd in my age group.  (The fast ladies were running the half marathon. Lucky me!)



I chose cranberry walnut

Since I was dressed to run and not tired, I decided to do my usual campus loop.

Well, I usually run it in the dark. It is so different during the day.


My legs started really dragging.  I guess I was tired.  So I just ran and walked, etc.


Finally I finished up a little over 3 miles and went back inside to chat with some of my friends who had run the half marathon.

So a race and a run – what a perfect way to start off 2017!!

Since it is Thursday,  I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

thinking out loud

Happy Running! Did you race on New Year’s? If not, when is your first race of 2017?



10 thoughts on “Bill Hogan 3.5 Mile Race Recap

  1. I’m glad you got to run your race again. Congrats on the AG – bread is always a nice reward!

    I’m wondering, since you are having to weave around slower runners, if you’re starting too far back in the pack? With your pace, you might need to get closer to the start line – might be worth a try to see if you can avoid the weaving, which has got to be annoying.


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