Friday Five: If only I had more time…

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Today’s topic is: Five Activities You Wish You Had Time For:

This is a tough one.  Running is my preferred activity.  I am glad that I can squeeze it in.  With work and family/social activities, there’s not much time left for anything else.

So these are things that I enjoy but don’t have enough time for…

1. Reading

I love to read. So I try to read before I go to bed.  But it’s always too late so I only get a few pages done.

2. Watching TV

Again, I am rarely home enough to watch TV.  I DVR a few shows (This is US, Grey’s Anatomy, Call the Midwife) but finding the time to watch them is a struggle. I know there a lot of great shows out there.  Who has the time?

3. Fitness Classes such as Yoga, Zumba, Spinning, etc.

I never seem to find the time for yoga and I would love to try some other classes, as well.

4. Quilting

Before running, I used to quilt.  I belonged to a quilt guild and went on retreats.  I haven’t touched it in years.  My artistic side enjoyed picking out the materials and assembling the squares.

my quilt guild buddies

5. Tennis

Also before running, I played tennis everyday. I was part of several teams as well. Now, I play only several times a month.

my 2010 team which went on to compete in Regionals

Happy Running! Which other activities do you wish you had time for?


16 thoughts on “Friday Five: If only I had more time…

  1. I need to reincarnate my latest knitting project (a poncho that I started back in February)….I love knitting, but the lack of free time is a drag. I also wish I had more time (or made more time) for reading. I read blogs all the time, but I need to get back to actually holding a book and turning the pages…


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