Friday Five 2.0 – Things You May Not Know About Me

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Today’s topic is: Five Things That You Don’t Know About Me:

  1. I used to sew my own clothes.

It was at first to save money but then because I enjoyed it.  Next, I did needlework like crewel and cross-stitch. But my favorite sewing activity is quilting.  I have made quite a collection of quilts. (They’re all over my house.)

Now I’m onto knitting.


2. I was a Math major in college until I found out that I could spend my junior year abroad if I majored in French.

I love the French language and anything French (food, wine, art, music) so I am glad that I made that switch.

creme brulee = happiness

creme brulee

3. I played the violin in grade school but I always wanted to learn to play the piano.

I know, there’s still time but I don’t own a piano.

4. I’ve won a few photography contests (years ago – before digital).

 One was in our local newspaper of two spiders mating. Another was of an organ grinder in Paris.

5. I’ve never eaten peanut butter or avocado.

They just don’t interest me.

Happy Running! Tell me one thing that I didn’t know about you.


8 thoughts on “Friday Five 2.0 – Things You May Not Know About Me

  1. Hmmm… interesting about peanut butter and avocado. I never had interest in avocado but one day I really wanted to know what all the hubub was about. I kinda like it now!

    And you’re a really great cross-stitcher and knitter. Nice job!


  2. When it comes to food we’re total opposites. How could you not like peanut butter? Next to chocolate it’s my favorite thing. Oh wait, there’s sushi, and . . . and yes, I love avocado!

    Jan is big into quilting, btw. She does retreats frequently. I’ve mad a few. By hand. Cause I don’t really sew!


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