Ultimate Coffee Date – November

Confessions of a Mother Runner

Since today is the first Saturday in November, I am joining up with Coco & Deborah for their ultimate coffee date.

Over coffee or tea…

I’d tell you that when they first told me that I was spending 5 days in Manhattan for work, I was bummed.  I would miss my training group, my running partners, my tennis, etc. And I would be stuck indoors from 8 am – 4 pm every day.

But I decided to make the most of it and get as much exercise as I could.  These are some of the things that I did.

  • Take the stairs

My room was on the 25th floor of the hotel.  I took the stairs every day. (Well, only down.)

  • Walk everywhere.

I walked to work and back – at least one mile each way.  I took a walk during lunch.  I even walked to Times Square (in the pouring rain) to see a show.

  • Use the hotel gym.

There were machines and a treadmill at my hotel.  I lie. I never entered the room but I could have if need be.

  • Squeeze in a run whenever you can.

I ran one day before a dinner meeting.  I ran the last day during lunch.


  • Run and Sight See at the same time.

I wanted to see the Sea Glass Carrousel at Battery Park and the Freedom Tower so I ran there (and it was much farther than I thought.)

I wanted to see the Hudson River Greenway and the High Line so I ran there too.

Over coffee and tea…

I’d tell you that I am back in NYC.  This trip was planned way before I got this new job. The original plan was to run a 5k.  Then it morphed into a blogger meet-up.  Now I will also be spending the weekend with my Russian friend Anna and spectating at the NYC Marathon.

Happy Running! Any other ways to work and stay active in a big city? Who’s going to be in NYC this weekend?


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