TOTR: Winter Cross-Training

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Today’s Topic is: Favorite Winter Cross-Training



No seriously, I hate winter, the cold, being outside…ugh!  I don’t ski, ice skate, snow shoe or snowmobile.

If I didn’t sign up for winter races, I wouldn’t run either.


At least we had a mild winter last year. Hoping for more of the same this winter.

This Half Marathon will motivate me to get out there and run:


Stuart, FL

I’d have to say that my favorite cross-training activity is tennis.  I play doubles once a week.

indoors, of course

I also enjoy yoga (though I suck at it) and hope to take some classes this winter.

Happy Running! What is your favorite way to cross-train in the winter?



8 thoughts on “TOTR: Winter Cross-Training

  1. Yep, I sign up for an early Spring race because I’d have a hard time to motivate myself to run in Winter otherwise. As far as Winter cross training, that’s a perfect time for the gym and classes. I want to try some new classes they have that I haven’t had a chance to check out yet.


  2. I love spring races! I am usually happy to run in in the winter, unlike summer. I have not signed up for any yet…I need to get through this marathon and make sure I am still in one piece and then I will start signing up.
    Usually I just go the gym in winter and lift weights 🙂 I have been slacking so I hope I feel motivated to do it again soon.


  3. I like your activity of eating:) Perfect time of year now the holidays are coming up. I didn’t care for the one yoga class I took the other day, but I took another one with a different instructor and format and really enjoyed it. Hope to do more yoga as well.


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