TOTR: Choosing Your Races

with Erika @ MCM Mama Runs,
Marcia @ Marcia’s Healthy Slice
and Patty @ My no-guilt life

This week’s topic is How Do You Choose Your Races?

I do run a lot of races but I do choose them carefully.  In fact, this blog is really helpful because I can read a review of a past race in order to decide if I want to run it again.  However, I do enjoy run new races each year, too.

So these are the things that influence my choice of race:

  • Who else is running it.

Yes, I succumb to peer pressure.  It’s more fun to run a race when you know someone else who is running it.

  • Distance

If there’s a 10k or a 15k around, I’ll run it because there aren’t that many.  Most races around here are 5ks. Sometimes I choose a 5k because I want to work on speed.  Sometimes I just want to have a short one so I can add on miles for a long training run.

  • The Course

I love a scenic course (especially with a water view).  I don’t really like hills (but I do run them)  I hate loops.

  • The Location

I like to stick to a 30 minute drive. In the summer, when there are so many choices, I often choose races that are north on the way to our boat.

  • Free Stuff like Swag, Awards or Post-Race Food

Who doesn’t like free stuff or bling?    And I am always hungry after a race.

Happy Running!  How do you choose your races?

8 thoughts on “TOTR: Choosing Your Races

  1. Peer pressure – that’s my #1 for choosing a race. My running buddies are the worst – er, I mean THE BEST, lol, at making sure we sign up for the same races. It definitely makes for fun times on race day, so I can’t complain.


  2. I am NOT always hungry after a race! It really depends. Often not hungry after a hot one (like yesterday) & have to force myself to eat. And then sometimes I’m starving after a short training run!


  3. I agree a 15K is one of my favorite distances, there are only a few here a year. I had to miss them the past few years due to the injury issues. I keep wondering if I ill ever run them again?? Still unknown right now. The one race I hope to run this fall is because it is close to home!


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