TOLT: So many races, so little time


Friday, June 10 – 6:30 pm

Yup, an impromptu race sign-up.

A FB friend mentioned it but I said “no” because I had planned to race on Sunday with STEM.


Sunday, June 12 – 10 am

Then I was notified that they decided not to have the volunteers race but instead run with a participant but NOT cross the finish line.

To me, that’s not racing.  And besides, the forecast is for rain.

So instead of my normal 3 mile run after work tomorrow, I am racing. WTH?

another look at my afternoon view...I did ice my ankle in the cold lake water

How I’ve missed this view!!!

On Saturday, we are planning our first boating excursion. My hubby has a tennis match first so I decided not to race (at least not so far) and perhaps run in the park while he is playing and then head up to the lake.

My tennis was cancelled on Tuesday and I went to the gym.  And it wasn’t half bad.  I rode the bike for about 10 minutes (I would have done more if I had something to read or watch) and then I did a few machines (3 arm and 2 leg).  I may even go back today!!

thinking out loud

Since it is Thursday,  I’m also linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

Happy Running! How do you manage your races?  Anyone an addict like me?  What are thinking about today? Please share.


10 thoughts on “TOLT: So many races, so little time

  1. LOL! I like Judy’s comment- you aren’t catching me at a gym either! There are so many races- what can I girl do! I just signed up for one on the morning of July 4th. Why? Because I don’t have a red, white and blue shirt! We gotta do what we gotta do!


  2. I am thinking about how I must be one of the only people in France who doesn’t like soccer ! Even so, I can’t help but get caught up in all the Euro fever…. France will be playing this evening. Its crazy here !


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