TOTR: Race Gear – How much is too much?

with Erika @ MCM Mama Runs,
Marcia @ Marcia’s Healthy Slice
and Patty @ My no-guilt life

This week’s topic is: Are you a race gear hoarder or a minimalist? 

Hmmm…my hubby would probably say that I am a hoarder but when I read other blogs & FB posts, I realize that many of you (and I don’t need to mention names) have many more running clothes than I do.

So yes, I have a lot of running outfits.  Almost all have been bought on sale or at Target, Marshalls or with my Skirt Sports discount.

I run 4 times a week.  I don’t do laundry often and I have this thing about being matchy matchy!!

My essentials are skirts (or tights & capris with skirts), tops (tech tanks, short & long sleeved), socks (compression & not), jackets for cooler weather and baseball caps & winter hats.

Since I have run almost 200 races, you can imagine how many race shirts I have.  I’ve made some into a blanket and given many many away but I still have quite a few (only tech ones are worn now.)

I also have many pairs of running shoes.  Of course, I’ve thrown some away but I have ones that I am attached to even though I don’t race in them.  Right now I race in Nike Zoom Vomeros and I have 4 pairs of those.


As far as other running gear, I am more a minimalist.

I have my original Garmin 205 watch. It works fine and I only wear it for races.

Almost there!

I don’t own any sticks or foam rollers or head lamps or any other gadgets.  I don’t even own a treadmill or belong to a gym.

So I’m a clothes hoarder but minimalist with the other running stuff.

Happy Running! What about you?  Do you hoard running gear?


21 thoughts on “TOTR: Race Gear – How much is too much?

  1. You already know the answer to that.

    Lloyd say some fold up foam roller on kickstarter he though I might like, although I told him that’s what my worm is for. But then he looked at the price — more than my foam roller, or the worm, or the stick (and I still use all of them).

    So no thank you to that one.


    • I wouldn’t use that stuff so that’s why I don’t waste my money on it. A tennis ball works great if I need to.

      Clothes..that’s a different issue.

      And then there’s race fees…

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  2. What kind of belt do you run with? And your compressions, I love how you coordinate them as well. I figure hey, why not! Look good, run good, and you always look good!! Myself, I’m a minimalist, 🙂


    • Now I just use it for races which is still very often but for everyday running, I use Runkeeper on my iphone (for distances.)


  3. I always love how you match! I always wondered if you buy a whole outfit when you shop, or just pieces. I tend to piece shopping, but then I don’t have a lot that matches.
    I have a lot of clothes! I need to clean out what I don’t use and organize it, but I need to retire too lol cleaning and organization is not a natural gift for me lol


    • Never buy the whole outfit. Just pieces and not even the same brand.

      I definitely need to clean out my closets but I keep making excuses.


  4. I used to not care about matching my workout clothes – I would just wear black bottoms and whatever top. But ever since non-white running shoes became popular, now I am all about matching, too! You’ve got a beautiful collection of running attire – especially those skirts!


  5. I’m a collector more than a hoarder. When I find a brand that I like, I might buy too many pairs of shorts or skirts. (Lululemon at the moment). My running shoes are discarded (actually given to charity) when I can no longer run in them but they still have life for a walker.


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