Friday Five: Enjoying a Non-Running Vacation

Since it’s Friday, I’m linking up with three DC area bloggers Mar at Mar On the Run, Cynthia at You Signed Up For What?! and Courtney from Eat Pray Run, DC .  Anyone can join with their own Friday Five post (yes, it must be a Friday Five!!)  They encourage you to visit other blogs on the linkup, comment, share and engage!

My Friday Five topic is Five Ways to Enjoy a Non-Running Vacation.

Right now I am in Naples, Florida for 8 days with 9 NON-RUNNING friends.  You know how much I love to run and still I always have a great time.

  1. Find another sport that gets you moving.


We usually play tennis for at least two hours every morning. Not many miles on the legs when playing doubles but I’m still moving (and sweating.)

2. Get those miles in however you can.

isn't this even more inviting??

No better place to walk than along the water.

bike riding every morning around World Tennis Center

I also have access to a bike to ride around the neighborhood.

3. If possible, squeeze in a few short runs.


It’s tough when you stay out late every night and you get up early to play tennis.  So the runs are short but rewarding.


4. Do other things you enjoy that you usually do not do.


We go to the theater.


We visit gardens & parks.

during our sunset cruise
We go on sunset cruises.

5.  Eat healthy during the day but in the evening, do some no-guilt splurging.


I eat my usual oatmeal in the morning, yogurt & fruit at the beach for lunch and then…. No limits!


We go out to dinner every night.  It is always a blast.

Happy Running! Do you take non-running vacations?  What do you do to for fun instead of run?



7 thoughts on “Friday Five: Enjoying a Non-Running Vacation

  1. I’m pretty much always running on vacation, whether I’m training or not, just because it makes me happy & it’s a good way to explore.

    I do enjoy shopping, but I did very little of it this past vacation.

    Museums, boat rides, food tours, walking tours . . .


  2. Sounds like a great vacation! I enjoy finding ways to be active on vacation and trying new things that I might not get to do at home. Or even just lots of walking seeing the sights 🙂


  3. You always seem to have such a great time in Florida ! I agree with all of the above especially number 5 ! LOL


  4. You and your girlfriends really do enjoy those FL vacations. I do take vacations with Tom that do not involve running, including a cruise this past winter. However, I did run on the boat and kept up with my workouts. We love to go on hiking vacations and have done that several times with an organized group. Enjoy the rest of your trip.


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