Cherry Blossom 5K Race Recap & TOLT

May 1, 2016 10:15 am

This was the third year that I have run this race.  I really like it plus I have come in 2nd in my age group each year.

2014 – 27:51


2015 – 27:56

The course is very winding.  Someone last year said that there were 20 turns. But it is also pretty flat except for the last mile which is uphill.

As you can see, my times in this race have been pretty speedy (at least speedy for me!!). Could I beat that??

And should I try?  After all, I just ran a 10K the day before and a half marathon the week before.

Nevertheless, I was determined to give it my best shot and not to be disappointed if I sucked.

I woke today with a sore throat. (That usually means that I am coming down with a cold…no!! No time for this!!)

And it was RAINING!!!

I really felt like staying in bed.

But I didn’t.  I planned on a similar outfit to one that I wore at my race the day before but decided to add a long-sleeved shirt and capris (since there would be NO sunshine to warm things up.)


wearing last year’s race shirt (which I love)

The race started at 10:15 and I got there around 9:15 and parked a few blocks away on the street. It was pretty crowded even in this inclement weather (about 400 racers and many walkers.) I stayed in my  car until about 9:45.  It was drizzling then raining and then drizzling.

Again I bumped in many people that I knew: Jan and her friends and some from “Team BadAss.” I was chilly so decided to wear a windbreaker (in case it started to pour.)


Unfortunately at this Cherry Blossom race each year, there are never any cherry blossoms.  (Maybe next year!) There is also usually a Cherry Blossom Festival, as well.  I didn’t even check it out this year.


2015 but similar to this year

I wound up starting with Team BadAss and Benita Zahn (a local TV reporter.).  We moved toward the front but not too close since it was chip-timed.


a dreary wet day

I usually have a pretty fast first 2 miles and then slow down but I was tired even during the first mile. (Yup, those 6.2 miles from the day before were having an effect.)


two members of Team BadAss

It was a pretty interesting course – you just wind your way around the neighborhoods.  I tried to run the tangents as much as possible.

I stopped to walk and catch my breath at the water stop (around mile 1.5) even though I wasn’t thirsty and then tried to run non-stop to the finish.

Nope, I had to walk again and again!!  The third mile was uphill… Boo!!

Plus, my windbreaker was suffocating me. It was warmer and more humid that I thought. I wanted to take it off but it was too complicated with my watch and my race belt.  So I just unzipped it.

Finally I saw the finish line.  I should have been looking at my watch.  They had been calling out times at each mile but they seemed to be off.  So I was surprised that it was already over 28 minutes.

I sprinted and Team BadAss cheered me on (they are all much speedier than me) and I crossed at 28:24. (chip time)


I was slower than my last two times on this course and it was slowest 5k of the year 😦

At least the refreshments were decent  – fruit, yogurt, granola, bagels, cupcakes and chocolate milk.


I had 2 milks and 2 cupcakes 🙂

I hung out with Team BadAss to see if we won any awards.


Nope! No award this year! I came in 5th.


Tom & Benita


Sherry came in 2nd in her age group and Pam got a PR!!

As I remarked in my 10K race recap from the previous day, I cannot expect to win an age group award.  Especially if I am not prepared to run my best.

I ran the best race I could given the circumstances.  For that, I am happy. And I am NOT injured.  No aches or pains!!!! End of my whining!!

Race Splits:

mile 1- 8:58
mile 2 – 9:16
mile 3 – 9:13
.14 – 7:30


Plus I ran with friends and got chocolate milk!

And no, I didn’t run more miles after the race. (If it were sunny, you know I would have been tempted.)

Instead I drove home to cooking, laundry and cleaning.

Since it is Thursday,  I’m also linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

thinking out loud

So in addition to last weekend’s race, this is what I am thinking about:

Upcoming Races –

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I signed up for two races again this coming weekend.

This one is on Saturday.  I signed up for the 15K even though I know it is very hilly. Last year, I ran the 5k (and fell.)

Mastodon Challenge 5K

I thought of changing to the 5k but after yesterday’s GOTR Practice 5k, I decided to stay with the 15k.


finishing 12 laps around the school

On Tuesday, I ran a practice 5K race with my running buddy. She is so cute and it was so much fun.  Of course, she ran the first 4 laps as fast as she could and then, thank God, she ran out of steam.  We had to take walk breaks during the remaining 8 laps.

So on Sunday, I will be running a 5K with her.


Last year, my GOTR girl was a runner and she had run 5ks before so I needed to be on my game.  This year, I am sure we will be running just for fun.

960x540 (1)

post-race 2015

My Birthday

It’s on Monday, May 9.  It always get mixed in with the annual Tulip Fest and Mother’s Day.

I plan to go to the Tulip Fest with Amanda and her kids after my Saturday 15k.


Then on Sunday, we’ll go out to lunch or dinner to celebrate Mother’s Day with my stepsons, MIL and SIL.

I am going out to a movie & dinner tonight with my BFF to celebrate and maybe a celebration at mah jongg??


Usually I go out on my birthday with a former co-worker but she is in France.


So on my birthday,  I could go to my running group instead and then next weekend go out for a special dinner with the hubby. We’ll see…

Upcoming Vacation – 

12th trip to Naples, Florida  + 1 Palm Springs, 5 Las Vegas, 1 Dominican Republic, 1 Delray Beach = tennis vacation #20 for me!!! (We started traveling together in 2002 and only 2 of us haven’t missed one.)


I leave on May 18 and return on May 25 (4 days before my next half marathon).  Can’t wait!!

Happy Running! How was your weekend? Any races or runs? Any races coming up?  What are you thinking about today? Please share.


11 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom 5K Race Recap & TOLT

  1. nice job! i don’t know this race (not that i know most races upstate!) — i’ll have to Google to see where it was. tough running in the rain when it’s chilly out — kudos to you!


  2. So far, knock on wood, I didn’t get a cold — it seems to have been a virus. Sometimes it starts as a virus and then mutates into a cold & I’m definitely trying not to let that happen! How are you feeling now?

    You race was a PB — personal best for the conditions on that day. Some days that’s all we can do.

    I’d offer to take you out for your birthday, but unfortunately I just don’t have time right now. Maybe when I get back? Although probably not, you’ll be leaving a few days after I get back, and when you get back, I’ll be leaving in a few days again!


    • I think it was the pollen. Didn’t get a cold. Phew!

      As I’ve said before, initially I get disappointed but when I get distance from a race, I always see the good in each race. That’s why I keep on running!

      It’ll almost be time for another tea party. Maybe in June? And we can go Dutch to celebrate both our halfs!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You have a busy schedule coming up! And happy birthday (a few days early)!
    I find that 5ks are a really hard race distance. The last one I ran had a very steep hill that was not too long but that really took a lot out of me. This sea level runner hates hills 🙂


  4. It may not have been a PR, but it was still a great race given the conditions! It’s not easy to get out and run when the weather is nasty and you’re not feeling the best, so major props for that. And happy early birthday! It sounds like you have so many exciting things coming up 🙂


  5. Happy Birthday! a few days early 🙂
    Congrats on a great 5K run! It truly looked miserable lol I guess they all can’t be PR’s but I am always happy when I sub 30 a 5K – I can’t do that these days, I hope to get it back.


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