Monday Running Update

mon r u
Last Week: 

  • Monday  So we went from winter to summer here, it appears. It was 75 degrees for my lunch walk to the park. The tulips aren’t looking to great (due to that recent snowstorm?) but still a lovely walk and a delicious Starbucks chocolate banana smoothie.

Sunday night, I woke up with an ache in my right Achilles.  It kept me up most of the night. I was panic-stricken imagining DNSing my half and all my summer races. But it was fine all day so I decided to go to my group run.  We were scheduled for a 10 min warm-up and cool down and then 8 400m intervals at 5k pace with 2 min. jogging in between.  I asked my coach what I should do after an 11 mile run the day before and a half marathon coming up.  I was considering not doing the speed repeats.  He recommended doing them but not at 5k pace but at 15k pace. So that’s what I did.  It was 79 degrees and my legs were tired but the laps got easier as I ran them.  My 400 m times were not speedy like last week but in the 2:10-2:15 range. The best part was that my Achilles felt fine…no pain at all (phew!)

  • Tuesday – The day started out cool and cloudy but got better and I again went for my daily afternoon walk. More good news – my elbow pain has mysteriously disappeared and I played tennis without worry. Afterwards, as usual, we went out to dinner.
  • Wednesday – Another beautiful spring day and a walk to the park.

After work and before the STEM ladies arrived, I ran one loop around campus.  Then I was paired up with Michelle again.  She was even speedy that last week. (But the French lady can no longer come on Wed. 😦 ) It was a fun workout. Love these ladies!

  • Thursday – It was too busy at work for me to get out and walk but I did squeeze out a run. The closest place to go was the track. Not exciting but got it done.

After work, I went out to dinner with two coworkers. I actually walked to and from the restaurant.  The reason why is below:

I also shared an appetizer (chicken meatballs) and the dessert was shared as well. Everything was delish.

Then I stopped off to go grocery shopping and to buy ingredients to make charoset for the seder the next night.

  • Friday – The day started out rainy but improved and was quite warm. I had to do some errands during lunch (forgot to buy the horseradish & gelfite for seder) and only got in a short walk to Starbucks.

non-fat milk, sugar free syrup, no whip so don’t judge

In the evening, one of my mah jongg friends hosted our annual Passover seder.  Always a good time (and there were as many non-Jews as Jews there.)

MJ Seder 2010

  • Saturday – I tried to make myself rest.  I didn’t run but got in a lot steps doing errands and housework. Then I went out to dinner with the hubby to carb load for the next day.
  • Sunday – I completed my 19th half marathon. I ran it with my friend Barbara on a perfect running weather day but those hills…I barely survived.

2:16:56 and 2nd in my AG

24 miles done with 4 runs and 3 rest days.

This Week:  (5 weeks until Half Marathon #20) 

  • Monday  Freihofer Challenge Group Run (4 miles?)
  • Tuesday – rest, tennis
  • Wednesday 3 miles, Mystery Room & dinner out with my tennis friends
  • Thursday4 miles, mall walk wiht BFF
  • Friday rest, pasta pre-race dinner, mah jongg
  • Saturday 10K race
  • Sunday5K race
Once again, I am linking up for the Weekly Wrap hosted by Holly @ HoHoRuns and Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlin.   See rules here.

Happy Running! How is your running going?  Any races?


14 thoughts on “Monday Running Update

  1. Nope, no races. After I posted my wrap yesterday I started to feel eh. So I’m taking a few extra rest days, which bum me out, but I’m hoping that’s all it is.

    Even when you do hills, a hilly race is never easy! You did great.


  2. What a busy week of fun! Congratulations on your race!! I really miss running with a friend. Although I hate talking while running, there is something comforting and helpful when running with another person. When you run with others, do you hold a conversation?


    • In a race, it usually means hanging out before the race and after the race NOT running with them. In training runs, it depends on the person, some people like to chat, others not. Also it depends if both runners run at the same pace.

      Liked by 1 person

      • That is all a very good point. I guess, as a stay at home Mom, I don’t feel like I ever really get that break from the kids. And running is that break. It is that me time and I don’t always want to share that space in my head with someone else. What I mean is by talking, running with them is amazing but sometimes I just need to decompress.


  3. You did better than better survive! Congrats on the AG 🙂
    I like the walking to an from the restaurant…I need to do more walking. I have been trying to “save” the feet so I can run.
    Looks like you had great Passover cerebration 🙂


  4. WOO HOO 2nd in your age group! Congrats! I was just a couple minutes behind you! I have a 5K this weekend – the last one in a little series I signed up for 🙂 Have a great run weekend!


  5. That’s a great finish time! Barely survived – ha ha. I love the steamboat medal. Congrats on the AG placement too. I’m thinking about a last minute half marathon this weekend. It’s a downhill race. So, hard to pass up. I’m thinking we should all match for the December race. Wouldn’t that be special? I know some of us have the same skirts. Hmm? Thanks for linking with us Darlene.


    • Well, I felt like I wasn’t going to survive those hills. Another half? You what I would do…

      Yes, we should wear the same…if not skirts, maybe the same tank top.


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