Friday Five: Earth Day

Every Friday, three DC area bloggers Mar at Mar On the Run, Cynthia at You Signed Up For What?! and Courtney from Eat Pray Run, DC to host the Friday Five linkup.  Anyone can join with their own Friday Five post (yes, it must be a Friday Five!!) They encourage you to visit other blogs on the linkup, comment, share and engage!

My Friday Five topic is Five Ways to Celebrate Earth Day (as a Runner).

1.   Avoid Using Bottled Water.

Carry a re-fillable water bottle or re-fill a plastic used one.

At work, I have a bottle like pictured above and I just keep it filled with water. I get lots of bottled water at races.  I save the bottles and just re-fill them.

2. Don’t use K-Cups or Tea Bags

Make your coffee the old fashioned way.  Buy teas leafs instead of tea bags.

I know those K-Cups are so fast and easy but I haven’t broken down and bought a Keurig.  If I make coffee, I use my espresso machine. I also prefer making herbal teas using leaves.  They taste so much better and you can use as much as you need.


3.  Walk or Run rather than Drive

If you can walk, do it! Better yet, run to your location.


I wish I lived near stores so I could run & shop.  But I do try to not drive when it is feasible.  I always park at work and then walk to races located in downtown Albany instead of adding more pollution to the crowded area. Yesterday, I went out to eat with 2 co-workers and they drove but I walked to and from the restaurant (it was only a mile.)

4.  Bring your own Bags when you shop.

If you race, you are lucky, many give out re-usable bags as swag.  Plus, you can buy them at most stores for $1.


I am the official bag lady.  My trunk is full of them.

5.  Use less water at home.

That means, don’t wash your hair everyday.  Even if you have oily hair, there’s dry shampoo. You may not need to shower every day either.  I know I’m going out on a limb here (but I am not a sweater.)

I have thick dry unruly hair.  I only wash it once a week. I shower on most days.  But not all, especially if I didn’t run or work out.

Happy Running!  How are you celebrating Earth Day?


5 thoughts on “Friday Five: Earth Day

  1. I don’t shower every day (although seriously I probably should — sometimes it’s matter of eating vs showering).

    I could probably give you a run for your money as a bag lady!

    And I don’t wash my hair every time I shower (although I should do it more often than I do — again, it comes down to eating vs washing my hair!).


    • Since I rarely eat or cook at home (just breakfast), it’s a time thing. My hair takes a long time to dry.

      I use my hot tub to soothe those tired muscles and then take a quick shower after.

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  2. It’s true, it’s true! We use tap-filtered water here and never buy bottled water. However, tap water doesn’t bother me… I think I would still drink out of a hose if I didn’t know better. And yes, the reusable bags are an absolute must! Wish I could run to and from work every day… oh, but I would be in shape! I could park halfway then run 5 up and 5 down… things that make you go hmmm… 😀


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