Monday Running Update

mon r u
Last Week: 

  • Monday –  Winter was back!  It was freezing and soo windy!!! I went for a short walk during work but after work, it got even colder and windier.  I would have skipped my run but it’s was the first meeting of the Freihofer Training Challenge Group.  We froze but ran about 3 miles. This is the 6th year of the group (and my 2nd time).  They run on Mondays at 6:30 am, 1 pm and 6 pm. There were so many newbie runners and my same”advanced group” friends.

bumped in old friends and a SS ambassador

Afterwards, I had my STEM orientation (running group for survivors of domestic violence).  This spring, there are 2 groups and they each run M, W, F, S.  I am volunteering for 10 weeks on Wednesday evenings using the Couchto5K app.

one of my favorite pics from last spring’s 5k

  • Tuesday – Of course, it was warmer and sunnier than Monday (and it is predicted to rain the rest of the week) but it was my rest day. So I took 2 walks and played tennis after work (and our usual after tennis dinner outing).

first signs of spring – tulips by May?

  • Wednesday –  A dreary day but I managed to squeeze out a run during lunch before the predicted rain (that never came.)

quite humid but I’m not complaining

After work I went to the mall to get my steps in (since I didn’t walk at work.)

  • Thursday –  A busy work day but managed to get one walk in at work and a run after work. Boy, my legs were not feeling the run.

  • Friday – A rainy day (or most of the day) but at least today was another rest day so I didn’t care. I actually took a walk to the park in the rain. Mah jongg was at my house this week. (That means left over junk food.)
  • Saturday – Today I ran the Ice Breaker Challenge 5k race.  The weather was forecast to be nice.  It wasn’t…cold, cloudy, windy.  I was frozen.  But I still had a decent race and won my age group (60-99? WTH?)

27:55 (happy to break 28 minutes even with a walk break and the wind)

After the race, I stayed and was supposed to run 7 more miles with a new running friend. But her son got sick at the last minute so I was solo. By the end of my run, the sun came out and the rest of the day was beautiful. (It figures!!)

  • Sunday – Had a nice Easter dinner at my mother in law’s. The weather was so nice that I went for two walks – one in my mil’s neighborhood and one near home

walked in town & discovered a quilt shop & then walked on the rail trail

19.5 miles done with 4 runs and 3 rest days. (89,078 steps)

This Week:  (4 weeks until Half Marathon #19) 

  • Monday –  Freihofer Challenge Group Run (3 miles)
  • Tuesday – rest, tennis, GOTR meet your running buddy & orientation, mall walk with BFF
  • Wednesday –  3 mile run, dinner out
  • Thursday – rest, dinner out
  • Friday – 4 mile run, mah jongg
  • Saturday – rest
  • Sunday – 5 mile race + 6 miles
Once again, I am linking up for the Weekly Wrap hosted by Holly @ HoHoRuns and Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlin.   See rules here.

Happy Running! How is your running going?  Any races?


19 thoughts on “Monday Running Update

  1. You thought you were cold last weekend? Just wait!

    I do love it when the forecasters are wrong in a good way, so maybe we won’t get snow but it will definitely be cold. I’m sure my friends are kind of cursing me right now.


  2. Super job on the AG award!! Seeing where you went to the mall to get in your steps reminds me I do this too, lol. I’ve even walked around Walmart up and down each isle and believe it or not I’ve come out without spending a dime! Thanks for linking up!!


  3. seems like winter came back everywhere. We have had such crappy weather the past couple days, I had to do a treadmill run today. Looks like the end of the week will be nice for the race though. Almost too hot !
    Congrats on your AG award. You rock !


  4. You get a lot of steps! Sounds like a great week and congrats on that age group win- love that category- LOL! We were predicted with a lot of rain last week too but just a little here and there! Have a great week!


  5. Great job on your race and congrats on the age group win! I always think it’s so weird when races do that “60-99.” If they’re going to just lump anyone above 60 together just call it “60 & up.” I ran a 10 mile trail race this past weekend. It was primarily a training run, but it was also kind of a redemption/recovery run as I’m recovering from having the flu recently. In two weeks I’m running my first ultra… a 50K. Yikes!


  6. Hold the phone! 60-99? Ugh, don’t get me started… And a sub 28? You rock! I’m guessing you beat a lot of those young whippersnappers too (with your walker and all). I told you not to get me started! 😉 I think our cold weather is over. I ran in 37 one morning this week but I bet that is the end. I guess I can start counting down to lake days. Thanks for linking with us Darlene.


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