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March 25, 2008 = my first post

Today is my BLOGOVERSARY!!!

I started writing this blog on the day that I signed up for No Boundaries and decided to become a runner.

I’ve been blogging for EIGHT YEARS!! 2,046 posts. That means I’ve been running for EIGHT Years!

  • Year 1 – starting to run for the first time and completing many 5ks (although my weekday runs were about 1 mile each)
  • Year 2 – after taking the winter off, running again and completing even more 5ks
  • Year 3 – running through the winter for the 1st time, completing 5ks (and a 5k PR), 4 milers and my first Half Marathon
  • Year 4 – completing some 5ks, a 5 miler, my first 15k and FOUR more half marathons(plus an Achilles injury and a broken ankle 😦 )
  • Year 5 – recovering from a broken ankle, running my first 10k and some 5Ks, suffering a foot stress fracture, running my 6th Half Marathon
  • Year 6 – a few 5ks, then a broken 5th metatarsal, then more 5ks, several 10Ks, my 7th Half Marathon and a 15K
  • Year 7 –  a very good year, NO INJURIES!!!!! so lots of races (5ks, 10Ks, 15Ks, 4 half marathons), PRs for 5k, 10k, 15k, 4m, 5m, 10m, and Half Marathon, joining 2 training groups, volunteering in another, meeting some new running buddies, becoming a Skirt Sports ambassador captain
  • Year 8 – another good year, NO INJURIES!!! so even more races and 7 more half marathons, PRs for 5m and 15k, continuing in the training groups and with volunteering activities, also running more with friends
  • Year 9 – starts today….

My Friday Five topic  is:  5 Reasons Why I Blog 

  1. To motivate myself to run

You can’t write about running unless you run, right?  I post my planned running schedule for the week and I feel guilty if I don’t do those runs (well, only a little guilty.)

2. To track my progress toward my goals

This was more important when I first started.  My goal was to run a 5k.  And I did.  Then it was to finish a 5k under 30 minutes and I did.  Sometimes my goals are more lofty than others.  Several years later, I wanted to run a half marathon and I succeeded.  Of course, then I added other distances.  Sometimes my goals are to PR, of course, but mostly now it is to finish each race with a decent time and to remain healthy.

3.  To review my races to help plan each year’s schedule.

I love to run races.  I can’t always remember when happened at each race.  So I recap the race on my blog and then I can look back at my review.  It helps me plan for the race by knowing the logistics, the difficulty of the course and often, it helps me decide whether or not to run the race again.

4.  To connect with other runners

Most of the time, it is only virtually.  But the runners who read my blog are now my running friends.  They cheer me on.  They offer sympathy after a poor race or run.  They have lifted my spirits  when I have been injured.  They are the ones I turn to when I need advice.

5. To inspire others to run

Of course, I want everyone to want to run.  It has greatly improved my life.  My wish is that by reading my blog, an older lady starts to run, continues to run and reaps the same rewards from running as I have.

Happy Running!  Why do you blog?  How long have you been blogging?


40 thoughts on “Friday Five: Blogging

  1. That’s a lot of races and a lot of blog posts! Happy blogoversary!

    I also started blogging hoping to inspire older women & slower women. I prefer my written journal for keeping track of stuff — I find it easier to look up stuff quickly in it — compare what I was doing last year at this time, for instance, or the notes from my last race.

    I also started blogging because I just have a need to write, but what it’s REALLY become about is connecting with other people. That’s the best part!


    • Since I’ve been blogging since day 1 of running, I can find anything for any date. It’s helpful especially race recaps. I don’t enjoy writing actually but I enjoy reading which is why I don’t comment much.

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      • I just find it so much easier to look it up in my journal (which has a space for race reviews in the back, but only for like 5, so I usually only do my halfs + a few other races — definitely wouldn’t work for you!).

        I like writing AND reading. And commenting. Just another addicition . . .


        • And you are lucky to have the time. I think I might read more if I didn’t work or not. Commenting is not my thing. I do it on a few cuz I know I like reading comments on my blog.

          But it’s so sedentary. I like to be moving around. I’m always out and about. Staying home is a rarity.

          Everyone is different… makes the world an interesting place.

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          • I’m a homebody. But even I’m not sitting here all day. An hour here, an hour there (then there are all those hours with Gizmo on my lap).

            I imagine you have that reaction because of work. When I did work outside the home, I was standing on my feet all day — I was glad to get home & relax!

            Good luck today. Great day for a race!


            • I sit at the computer all day so I am glad to get out after work and do things.

              The weather was horrible this morning…– cold, windy, cloudy…I was frozen and you know I don’t get cold.

              And my new running friend didn’t show so I had to run 7 solo miles.

              When I was done, it got nice out!!! Now it is beautiful.

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                • I realized how much more fun it is to have a partner. But I survived. Hopefully, you’ll accompany me next weekend after the Delmar Dash. I’ll need to run 6 more miles.

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                  • Yes, I’m planning to run more next weekend & so is my friend. I’m not sure how much more yet.

                    I saw your comment on Karen ‘s (frenchinspiration) blog — I definitely want to meet her!

                    The big question mark for me is I don’t know when my fall half will be yet. I’m trying to convince my friends that we should do Winegalss together, which would finally get NY done.

                    I’m not looking at anything in November, though, so I think I might smell another girls’ weekend!


                    • So I’ve been replaced LOL. The more, the merrier.

                      I registered for the Dash to the Finish on Nov 4 already. But I have been lax on finding a place to stay. All the hotel and airbnbs usually book up a year in advance and especially after people sign up for the marathon.

                      I did find one airbnb for Friday night and booked it but it’s not exactly in an ideal location but looks like a nice place.

                      I’d be open to staying over Saturday and watching the marathon with you if you can find us a place to stay.

                      Then again, you can stay at your parents and hop on Metro North for a quick trip to and from the city. I usually did that before I discovered the Megabus.

                      My fall half is Sept 24. But if you do a girls weekend, I would run the 5k.

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                    • No, this was my friend from USAFit — you’ll meet her next week.

                      I’ll have to look into a place to stay. I’d like to do that race and would definitely love to meet Karen. It’s true I hadn’t thought about finding a place to stay. My nephew lives in Manhattan, but I don’t think he can put us up anyway. Or that we would necessarily want to stay with them (bunch of young guys).

                      Well, I’ll look into it anyway.

                      Still unsure about what my fall half will be. Jan said she’d already signed up for Mohawk Hudson, but might consider deferring it if our other friend were also interested in Wineglass.


                    • My senior brain completely forgot until Karen said she booked her hotel. I was going to do that back in November. Usually airbnb has 100’s of places for rent but now there’s only a few available. I plan to take the megabus down Friday at 6:30 am and return Saturday at 6 pm unless you want to stay and watch the marathon (that is if you find a place to stay – my apt is not available Sat night 😦 )

                      GL with finding a fall half. At least if your friends can’t go, your hubby will.

                      See you on Sunday.

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                    • I was hoping to find an apt with 2 rooms or 2 beds. But as I said, I waited way too long.

                      You could take the bus or take the train from Poughkeepsie the next morning, I could get your bib.

                      Any interesting watching the marathon the next day?

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  2. Wow, 8 years! That’s impressive 🙂 Those are some great reasons. Motivating myself to run and connecting with other runners are some of my main motivations for blogging as well.


  3. Great post. Love reading your through the years in running.
    I also started blogging to stay focused and goal orientated but it turned out I really liked connecting with the other running bloggers.


  4. Happy blogoversary ! Wow, 9 years is a long time. You have come such a long way. I don’t think I ever would have come as far as I have without the blogging community.
    And I am pretty sure we can meet up in NY ! Will keep you posted as time gets closer.


  5. Darlene, I just love to read your blog! Our reasons why we blog are very similar!! Although like today on mine, it’s to vent but mostly very positive and I hope to inspire others as well. You have sure inspired me and running for 8 years is no easy task and you my friend make it look like a piece of cake! Happy Blogiversary to you!!! 🙂


  6. Eight years of blogging! That’s amazing! I’ve only been blogging three years, but have been running for almost 11….I wish I would have been blogging all along. Actually, I do have a journal…but the blogging has kind of replaced that in some regards.


    • started in 2008 so 8 years but not really serious until 2010 and then 2012 was a washout with serious injuries. I’d call it 5 years.

      Connecting with women of similar interests is the best. Love your blog.


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