TOTR: When To Wear Your Race Shirt

with Erika @ MCM Mama Runs,
Marcia @ Marcia’s Healthy Slice
and Patty @ My no-guilt life

This week’s topic is Race shirt controversy: Wear TO the race or only AFTER the race?


They say it’s bad luck but it’s not that.  First of all, most of the time I don’t get my race shirt until the day of the race.  If it’s a destination race, even if I get it the day before, I have already planned my outfit.  Plus I wouldn’t know whether it is comfortable to run in or not. Believe it or not, I still sometimes get cotton shirts. And many are unisex and even the small is too big.

After a big race, however, I usually can’t wait to wear my shirt.


after my Oct 2013 half while at the lake


hanging out in Sarasota after my Feb 2016 half


after my Sarasota half in March 2013

Many times, I wear them on runs after the race.


my Walkway half shirt


I also wear race shirts from a previous race at another race.

Bacon Hill Bonanza



And those cotton shirts.  I give them away and use the long sleeved ones as throw aways in races.

Nope. I’ve never worn my race shirt TO a race.

Happy Running! What about you?


22 thoughts on “TOTR: When To Wear Your Race Shirt

  1. After! I’m not a superstitious person, by nature, but I do believe that it would be bad luck, especially a longer race like a half or a full!
    I usually wear the tech shirts when I run or just throw them out eventually, when I get too many. The cotton shirts I wear once or twice and then they become a shirt quilt.


  2. I’m with you, I never wear a race shirt until I have completed the race. I do like to wear them afterwards, usually the day I have raced in the afternoon. I have used a bunch of race shirts for a quilt, and workout in ones that fit well. The unisex sizing just does not work for me, so those shirts are in a pile someone, and like you, some are used as throwaways.


  3. I do the same things, except I rarely think to put it on right after a race!

    But sometimes I’ll wear one in another race, and definitely on training runs. And I wear the long sleeve tech tees under a jacket often in the winter.


  4. I definitely like to use them in training runs and at other races. Some of the race shirts I’ve gotten have been really nice and great for running in so I don’t want to waste them 🙂 I’ve only wore the race shirt at a race once. That was earlier this month for a St. Patrick’s Day race since I didn’t have anything else green.


  5. i think i wore the race shirt in 2013 from the Mohawk Hudson Marathon during the race, mostly b/c i liked the feel of it a LOT and i hadn’t brought another similarly-weighted shirt to wear — and it ended up being way colder than i’d expected that morning! i left it on for at least the first half of the race.


  6. You are lucky to have shirts that fit you. I never know whether I need a small or medium and of course it is never the right size…. grrrrr


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