Wednesday Word: Faithful

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Vocabulary Word: faithful

Today’s word is FAITHFUL.

What does it mean?

Steadfast in affection or allegiance, loyal.

What am I faithful to?

I bet you thought that I would say RUNNING.


Well, yes I am faithful or loyal to running.  But it is easy.  I know that in order to keep up my speed and endurance, I have to run at least 2-3 times each week and on the weekend, I either run a race or a long run or both.  I am always training for something and that makes it easy to be faithful to running.

But what I am faithful to is TENNIS.

I have been playing for over 15 years.  That still means that I was an adult onset tennis player. Like running, when I started, I gave it 150%. I took lessons, practiced everyday, and played on several teams. I bought numerous tennis outfits.   I was obsessed with the sport.

Since I discovered my passion for running, things have changed.  I don’t take tennis lessons or play on any teams and rarely buy anything tennis-related. But I still play and will always play (for as long as I am able)

Why is it difficult to be faithful?

  • It takes time away from running. It’s frustrating especially when the weather is perfect to run.
  • It’s expensive.  You can’t just play. You have to join a club $$$. You have pay for a contract. $$ You have to keep up your equipment $ (racket, strings, shoes)
  • You can’t just do it when you want. I play doubles so I  need 3 others. And court time, etc.
  • You can’t just do it anywhere.  I have to drive in the traffic after work to play because that’s when and where my contract is.
  • You can’t just play with anyone.  You need to play with someone at your level or it’s not fun.
  • There’s always a score.  It can be fun but you have to keep score and there’s always a loser.
  • How you do depends on your partner and your opponents.  You can play well but if your partner doesn’t, well you won’t win the points and vice versa.  You can play well and your opponents are better, the same thing will occur.

So why will I always be faithful?

  • It’s was the first athletic thing I’ve ever done in my life.
  • It got me through the most difficult period in my life
  • My closest friends are the ones I have made on the tennis court.
  • I have so many great memories of tennis competitions and victories.
  • It is very social. There’s a lot conversation that takes place on the tennis courts.
  • Mindfulness.  You can’t daydream.  You must keep your mind in the game.
  • Exercise.  It’s aerobic.  You run and there’s some upper body movements going on (I hope.)
  • Variety. There’s serving, net play, lobbing, ground strokes, baseline play, overheads, etc.
  • There’s more to it than the score.  Working on your strokes, setting up your partner, coming back from a deficit, holding a lead, etc.
  • It’s challenging. It’s always good to challenge yourself.
  • I love to watch the pros play (Roger Federer <3)
  • I love my annual tennis vacations in Florida.
  • I look forward to parties and dinner outings with my tennis friends throughout the year.
  • I get to wear cute tennis skirts.

I could go on and on but I’ll stop.  You get the idea.


hanging out with my tennis friends one summer

May - tennnis vacation in Florida

during one of our Florida vacations

playing during 2010 USTA sectional game

first time back at tennis after ankle surgery (2012)

3rd place in the nation (2002)


got to watch him practice from up close (Palm Springs)


tennis friends at a Broadway show


2015 – still happily playing tennis

So I only play tennis 3 times a month.  I’m not as good as I used to be. But I am faithful to tennis and hope to be for a long time.

Happy Running! Are you faithful to another activity besides running?


17 thoughts on “Wednesday Word: Faithful

  1. I am faithful to strength training and yoga and I try to squeeze in swimming, too, when it’s warmer.

    Tennis skirts are soooo cute & you look great in them! Sadly, I have zero hand-eye coordination. My husband tried to teach me to juggle once, and his sister — who actually is a talented juggler — said anyone can learn. NOT!


  2. faithful is such a great word and is important in all areas of our life. i love your reasons for being faithful to this activity that has clearly meant so much to you.


  3. This makes me want to play!! I have never had lessons, but tennis (racket sports, in general) is actually something my awkward & clumsy self actually can do. It may have something to do with hand/eye coordination (#artgeek), but that’s my amateur opinion. Our youngest daughter is in her second year of tennis…she’s never had lessons, but has a lot more natural athletic ability than her dear old mom. I love all the comparisons (contrasts) to running…I really take for granted how simple running actually is.


    • I do think if I discovered running before tennis, I would never have tried tennis. But it was my tennis friend who introduced me to running. So it all worked out for me.


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