TOLT: The Next One with be the Hardest

Celebrate Life Half Marathon

Yes, it will be hilly.

Take a look:

But that’s not why it will be hard.

I will be running it for a close friend who has been diagnosed with breast cancer…for the third time (2nd in 2 years.) She has recently had a mastectomy and should be fine but it is still scary.

A whole busload of runners from my area are going down for the race. They are all probably racing because they know someone who has had cancer.

12743778_10207628147240478_2583129469409625044_n (1)

So the race should be fun. But it will also be sad.

Mile 11 will be lined with signs. I did buy one for my friend.

Even my friends Mary Pat and Judy will be on the bus. They are running the relay together.


Mary is the the blonde on the left and Judy is wearing the pink hat


I feel like I just ran a half marathon.


Sarasota Music HM on Feb.7

Wait a minute. I just did 5 weeks ago.

After that, I did all my long runs – 10, 12, 12, 10 miles.

So I must be ready? Right?


None. I have not run on any real hills.  I do not want to get injured so I will take it easy.  I hope to enjoy the race.

  • Scenic course
  • Free photos
  • Post Race Lunch
  • Race donates 100% of the proceeds to cancer patients in treatment
  • Friends at the race
  • Best race swag:

What’s not to enjoy?

The Outfit

Still deciding due to the weather. But hopefully, it won’t rain and will be warm enough:

psyched to wear my Skirt Sports psyched print skirt

Next up?

I have a lot of shorter races lined up for the spring and summer.

But that doesn’t mean that I won’t be signing up for any half marathons.

The Vermont City Marathon Relay on May 29  is a definite…


with AJH and running leg #2 this year

I also signed up for this one at an expo (because it was cheap):

April 24

And there is a blogger meet up in the works…Panama City Half Marathon in December????

Since it is Thursday,  I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

thinking out loud
Happy Running!  What race are you training for?  What are you thinking about this Thursday?



17 thoughts on “TOLT: The Next One with be the Hardest

      • Really, though, would be asking too much to have 2 days in a row like that? Or even 2 running days — like tomorrow — I’m not too greedy.

        I think it’s going to be chilly in the morning when I run tomorrow. Assuming I can talk myself into getting out there in the morning.


        • Today is awful. I was going to run on the TM because I like 2 rest days before a race but I just can’t bear it. I think I may drag myself out tomorrow at 6 am (ouch!)


          • I do plan to run tomorrow. Of course I’m not doing the full half, so as long as I have a rest day (and I have no plans for sat, although I was thinking I really ought to go to the ARE yoga) I’m good. And the skirtsports order I wanted to potentially test out for Sunday just arrived, so I may wear it tomorrow as it looks to be similar weather. Should dry by Sunday . . .


  1. Oh wow, this sounds like it will be such an emotional race. That’s great that they done 100% of the proceeds to cancer patients in treatment. Good luck to you and to your friend!


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