Friday Five: Favorite Races for Food

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I love racing and I love food so my “food” topic for this Friday is Five Races With the Best Food

  1. Sarasota Music Half Marathon

This race had the best post-race brunch ever: egg casserole, sausage, bacon, french toast, pastries, fruit and more.


And yes, I sampled it all.


my first plate…

2. Camp Chingachgook Challenge 10K/Half Marathon

This race ended with a big barbecue: chicken, ribs, hot dogs, hamburgers, salads, fresh fruit, etc. YUM!!

3. Perfect 10 Miler (NJ)

This race boasted of having “Healthy Clean Eats.” There were pretzels, grilled zucchini, peppers, asparagus and chicken. I would have preferred a little of the unhealthy stuff too.


4. Bacon Hill Bonanza 5K/10K

I loved the food at this race. They had the the usual food (fruit, yogurt, bars, bagels)but also chili, pizza, rice & veggies, and homemade muffins & cookies (including gluten free ones).



And the best chocolate milk (milk straight from a local farm):


5. Mother’s Day bRUNch 5k

There was an awesome post race food display. In addition to cookies, bagels, bars, pastries, bananas, chocolate milk, etc, there was:


mimosas (minus the champagne)

chocolate fountain with pretzels and fruit for dipping

chocolate fountain with pretzels, cake and fruit for dipping

I also had this:

chocolate fountain with pretzels, cake and fruit for dipping

Happy Running! What race(s) have you had the best food?



20 thoughts on “Friday Five: Favorite Races for Food

  1. Wow, I am so jealous that you have had such good food at these races! I may do the Perfect 10 this year…looks good to me!


  2. That pretzel looks so good . . . well, as I’ve mentioned a time or two, Smuttynose. It was such a raw day and that chowder & lobster roll hit the spot.

    Redding also had milk straight from the cows, but not by the time I got to it (after my massage). 😦

    I wonder how many of those races still had such yummy food for the turtles . . .


    • I think there was a lot of food at all of the above races. The last race I did had a lot of walkers and the cut off was 4 hours. I’d recommend it for a Florida race. I don’t want to repeat halfs but I am tempted to run this one again

      Yes, Maine and lobster…on my bucket list.


  3. There is a marathon/half in Rehoboth Beach DE in December that has amazing food after – pancakes, barbecue, other foods, good beer. That and the Mainly Marathons races where it’s good food before, during, and after.


  4. You’ve really raced and ate well! I haven’t seen anything nearly that nice. My home town 5k does a nice pancake breakfast after. Other than that a couple races have Chicago style deep dish pizza and of course the VIP area at RnR races is really nice.


  5. Wow, great post race food indeed. Here, it is always the same thing. Oranges, ginger bread, maybe a banana, dark chocolate or a protein or granola bar. BORING. I did do one race that gave us a bag of apples as swag. But nothing like what you are describing !


  6. OMG, asparagus at a race LOL That is my kind of race. The food at Sarasota was over the top 🙂 the last half I ran had a chipotle spread, but my tummy can not handle food right away lol I usually eat a banana and barely anything else for a few hours.
    Richmond did have pizza, but I couldn’t eat a whole piece, my tummy is not ready after a run.


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