My Favorite Instagram Posts of 2015 & TOLT

I love Instagram. (If you don’t yet, please follow me @dsc59)

So I took Amanda (from Run to the Finish)’s idea and am sharing my favorite Instagram photos of 2015-



This is from my half marathon in Florida where I surprisingly had a PR and AG award. I love it because I may never be that fast again and winning an award in a half is tough.



It’s challenging using the timer on my iphone so I just propped it against the fence on the ground and only got my feet (They’re the most important part, right?)



I was sad that my flight to Palm Springs got cancelled and I missed running a race with my friend.  But running on this trail made up for it.  I loved it there!!



We had a long winter in the NE so I was happy to be running without a jacket and wearing my SportSkirts running skirt.  Being selected as an Ambassador Captain for this company is one of the highlights of my year!



This is my favorite race and the only race that I’ve run every year (even after ankle surgery in 2012.) As you can tell, it’s all women – all ages, all paces – so empowering.



Ice cream is my favorite food.  To be able to have a root beer float after a hot sweaty run = priceless (especially with the cows as my witnesses.)



I met Judy through Facebook and although she thinks she is too slow for me, she has gotten me through many a long run.  I like this pic because my car is in it and that guy in red running behind us.



The Crossings is one of my favorite places to run after work in the summer.  And also I think this picture makes me look fast. Ha Ha!



This was at the end of a long run while training for my October half marathon.  I asked Judy (my photographer) to wait so it would look like I chicked those guys. LOL.



This was taken after my painful RNR Brooklyn Half Marathon. I turned around and saw someone whom I had taught when I was a high school French teacher many moons ago. What a treat! 



While picking up my bib for the Stockade-athon 15k race, I met Frank Shorter.  He signed my bib and I swear that he brought me luck since I did PR at the race the next day.



We were very lucky to have a pretty mild December.  This was taken on one of my favorite new places to run – a rail trail that was recently paved. It’s beautiful (especially the bridges).  If only you weren’t running uphill on the way back.

Since it is Thursday,  I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

thinking out loud

So how do you take pictures to post on Instagram?  How do you prop up your phone???  (BTW: I hate selfies. Too old to have a camera that close to my face!!)

Happy Running! Are you on Instagram? If so, let me know & I’ll follow you.


14 thoughts on “My Favorite Instagram Posts of 2015 & TOLT

  1. I love this photo recap of 2015 and my favorite is your speedy pic in August because of your outfit! It’s all about looking good (and speedy) while running. We just started a new intagram account and it is TwoRunnersTravel. We are following you! 🙂


  2. I get this strange feeling that you like to run… 😉 Seriously, though — such great pics and so many good memories! I use my Instagram to share recipe photos, mostly, but sometimes I wish I included more personal ones in there because they’re so nice to be able to go back and look at.


    • I include other things besides running on Instagram such as other activities, people, pets and food. For this blog, I just shared the running ones.


  3. LOVE the pictures, they are such great shots. My favorite is the one of you passing the 2 guys. But you look great, happy and wonderful in all the photos !


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