2015: My Year in Running

I’ve been doing  Miss Zippy’s Year in Running post for several years now.  Since Amanda has started focusing on other things, Courtney has taken it on, so I’ll link up with her instead this year. (If you read my blog, I hope you won’t this repetitive.)

Best Race Experience: 

I have always wanted to visit Burlington, VT and to run VCM.  Since I don’t run marathons, I was excited when AJH won us an lottery entry into the relay. I had a great time visiting and staying with AJH. Now I know why everyone raves about this race.  I hope I can to do it again.

VCM Relay

It is also more fun to run a half marathon with someone else.


Honorable Mention goes to running the Dash to the Finish 5k in NYC.  I have always wanted to run a race in Manhattan.  I have never gotten into the NYC Half and I don’t plan to run the NYM. This was the next best thing.  I had a blast.  And I got to cross the finish line of the NYC Marathon!


Best Run: 

I hadn’t PRed in a race since March and was training for a half so I didn’t expect to have a good run.  But I did.  I felt great and beat my Stockade-athon 15k time by over 2 minutes!!

Stockadeathon-1049 unedited


Best new piece of gear: 

That’s easy.  I love my SkirtSports tops, skirts and capris.  They are so comfortable and stylish that I hardly run in anything else.



running in the Crossings

Best piece of running advice you’ve received: 

My Turkey Trot Training coach scolded me one night saying that I wasn’t trying hard enough.  He made run so fast that I could hardly breathe and then told that I was a strong runner. I never thought of myself as a good runner, never mind a strong one. And when I felt like dying in my recent half marathon, I remembered this.  I told myself that I was “strong” enough to finish the race and even finish fast. And I was able to dig deep. Thanks Patrick for the compliment.

Most Inspirational Runner: 

Pam from WeRunDisney is amazing. She’s exactly my age but so much stronger and faster. She ran the Boston Marathon this year (even after having food poisoning).

She also just ran the NYC Marathon (& I almost got to meet her.)

Favorite picture from a run or race this year: 

I love this photo because I remember how emotional I felt at the end of the Palm Beach Half Marathon. I had a huge and unexpected PR and I was very happy!


Honorable Mention goes to this one from the Mastodon Challenge. It was on my birthday.  I had taken a bad fall but still I got up and finished strong (Both of my hands and knees were bleeding and my Garmin watch strap broken.)

Mastodon Challenge 5K

Race experience you would repeat in a heartbeat: 

Seeing someone finish their first race.  It’s even better than a PR.


I got to see Kelly train for and finish her first 5k.

And I watched 2 of my co-workers cry as they crossed the finish line of their first 5k.

I can’t wait to be part of someone’s first racing experience again.

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? 

Connections – I met many new running friends at races and running groups.  I made new virtual friends through becoming a SkirtSport Ambassador Captain and through reading blogs.
– Races make me happy.  I don’t like to do drills so I run races instead. And I completed 38 races this year.
Inconsistency – Last year, my times consistently improved through the year. This year, not so much. I started out well but then my times slowed down.  I would have a few good races and then a bad one would sneak in.  But it’s all a part of life. Ups and downs.
Good Health – No illnesses. No injuries.  Life is good.

Happy Running! How would you describe your year?


6 thoughts on “2015: My Year in Running

  1. Darlene you make me blush. Thanks for the shout out….we definitely have to meet at a race in 2016. Not sure if I will be back at NYC marathon, but I will certainly be in touch when I run that one again. You have enjoyed a great year of racing. I absolutely love the photo of you at the end of the Palm Beach Half Marathon. Emotions that show through in race photos are always my favorites. Have a great weekend.


  2. Wow what a great year in review. I like what you said about how when you see someone finish their first 5K can be more emotional than setting another PR. I actually started a running group in my town hoping that I can help someone compete in their first 5K


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