Runfessions November

It’s that time again.  Time to get things off my chest with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice
I runfess…
I can’t seem to motivate myself to run in the morning before work.  It’s not that I sleep in but I am lazy.  I sit around watching the Today show, eating breakfast and reading email/blogs.
Things gotta change.  I am missing those awesome sunrises and instead I am running in the dark.

my runs this year

I runfess…
I am a fair weather runner.  I don’t care how tired I am or how many miles I’ve run the day before but if it is nice weather, I want to run.
Take yesterday. After having run 9.3 miles the day before, it was 65 degrees so I had to run. (It was a very short slow one.)
On the other hand, when it is COLD or cloudy or BOTH, I hate to run.  If I didn’t have a race to train for, I don’t know how often I would get out there.

good thing I had company for this one

My first year of running, I quit running running from November to April. I didn’t want to run in the cold. Now I put up with it.
I runfess…
I hate to admit it but it is hard for me to run a race without trying to PR.
I did it TWICE recently.
For the GOTR 5k, I was pacing Kelly on her first 5k.  Yes, it was rewarding and I enjoyed being part of it.  But part of me wanted to see if I could PR on this fast course.

my just for fun 5k

Then on the Troy Turkey Trot 5k, I knew that I would be tired after the 10k and couldn’t really PR.  Again, I wondered whether I should do it at all or maybe just run the 5k and try to PR.

my oh so slow 5k

Sometimes it sucks being so competitive.
I runfess…
And speaking of PRs…
Although Thursday was Thanksgiving and I had to remind myself many times about how thankful I was that I was not injured and could run, I still was disappointed in my 10K finish time.

almost 3 minutes slower than last year 😦

It was even more disappointing because I participated in the training group for this race and that I know I am capable of much more than I gave in this race.
I runfess…
I still drive by my FREE gym twice everyday. Every time I do, I say to myself “I should go!! It’s crazy not to.”
Yet, I do not! I think it’s because with exercising, the rewards are not tangible as they are with tennis or running.
I runfess…
I still have not bought the battery for my scale.
There was machine in the grocery store that took your weight, heart rate and BP and I used it the other night.
I was shocked at my weight but then again, I was wearing running shoes, and several layers of running clothes.  They are heavy, right?
I runfess…
I am very vain…
I am picky about how I look when I run.  I never just go out and run.  I always plan my outfits.  I think I have spent more time on thinking about what to wear for my next half than the race itself.
So which one should I wear?

Happy Running! Do you have something to Runfess?


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10 thoughts on “Runfessions November

  1. Oh gosh I’m guilty of so many of those too! My worst one is feeling disappointed in my time! I just ran a half on Thursday. And I finished it about 5 minutes slower than last time. I finished it in 1:54!! I should be grateful for being healthy enough to run 13 miles in under 2 hours at age 52!! And I am….sorta.


    • I know what you mean. Some of my friends think I am fast so it’s hard to complain. And yes, sub 2 is fantastic…it’s my dream!! I think it’s just a dream at my age.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m with you on the planning out the race outfits 😉 It’s probably the art geek in me, but I take lots of pics & selfies for my running page on FB and Instagram…I really don’t want pics of me in the SAME outfit reappearing LOL


  3. I wish my scale would die about now…I am seeing some numbers going up again and it drives me crazy! Mostly because I know I willl run slower 😦
    I love outfit number 2 with the pink!


  4. I have worn the same dang shirt multiple times for races, which irks me when I see pictures – seriously, I totally get the different outfit thing and don’t know what I was thinking! I like both of your choices but am leaning toward the first set (I like the design on the hat).


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