Surprise Email = Unplanned Race

One minute, I was wondering why I run with such pain and maybe I should stick to 5ks from now on.

The next minute, I was considering a do-over.

Then, I got this email:

palm beach

I have 2 vacation days to use up.

I have 4 friends who live near West Palm Beach.



I have frequent flyer miles that need to be used…

So guess who’s running this half marathon on December 6?


the course seems to be similar to this half

Can you say impulsive?

Yes. That’s me.

florida jan 2015 (116)

me this Dec!!

So here’s the Plan:

The usual 2-3 days of running 3-4 miles and then on the weekend:

Oct 17- 10k race (6.2 miles)
Oct 24 – 7 miles
Oct 31 – 5K race + 5 miles (8 miles)
Nov 8 – 15K race (9.3 miles)
Nov 14 – 10 miles
Nov 21 – 5k race + 8 miles (11 miles)
Nov 28  or 29 – 12 miles
Dec 6 – 13.1 miles

It all fits, right?


Happy Running! Do you ever register for a race on impulse?



9 thoughts on “Surprise Email = Unplanned Race

  1. I got that email too. I’m soooo tempted to run it because I’ll be in the area, but it’s the week before my next marathon and I’m supposed to do only 10 miles that weekend and definitely not a fast 10 miles. Good luck to you! I’ll look forward to your race report.


  2. Oh my I can so relate to the impulse. I just recently signed up for my first 50k after my friend texted me that he did and I better not bail out. I bet Florida will be lovely that time of yr and you will be ready to get out of the cold for a few days.


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