Too Many Options

This race which is Saturday offers a 5k, 10k and a 15k.

That is too many options!!

Last year, I ran the 10K and won 3rd in my AG. It was also a PR at the time.

I registered awhile back for the 15K thinking that it would be a good idea.  I am preparing for a half marathon in several weeks and technically I should be running 11 miles.

But that was before I had a foot issue at my half marathon and the same issue last weekend.

A normal person would rest their feet.

I am a crazed runner person.

I am seriously thinking of running the 10K instead and then adding on some more miles depending on how my foot feels.

But maybe I should just play it safe and run the 5K?

Next weekend I also have a 15k to run.  That one also has a 5K option.

Boy, it sucks when something hurts.

I am hoping it’s nothing serious – Dr Google says everything from calluses to capsulitis…

So first I skipped my training group run on Monday – the first one I’ve missed and I hated to do it.

And then I bought these on sale in DSW


Mizuno Wave Inspire 10s

Yesterday, I put a thick moleskin pad on my foot and ran on the track.


It felt fine for the first 2 miles, then I moved the pad and it felt better. I even played 1 1/2 hours of tennis later that evening.

We’ll see how the rest of the week goes…

But don’t be surprised if I stupidly tackle (limp through) the whole 9.3 miles.

And even try to beat my 1:33:23 time from last November…

2014: HMRRC #3 – 1:42:40, Stockeadeathon – 1:33:23 (PR), HMRRC #1 – 1:34:55
2013: Stockeadeathon – 1:42:22
2011: Stockeadeathon – 1:36:08

Nov - 15K PR

Stockadeathon 2014

And if I choose the 10K…

2015: HMRRC #3 – 1:00:24
2014: Spring Run Off -1:00:51, Camp Chingachgook – 1:04:54, Great Pumpkin – 58:28,Troy Turkey Trot – 57:03
2013: HMRRC #3 – 1:08:18, Helper’s Fund – 1:06:10, Monster Scramble – 1:03:18 (SHORT)
2012: Camp Chingachgook – 1:09:07


Turkey Trot 2014

Happy Running!  What would you do? Do you race through injuries?


7 thoughts on “Too Many Options

  1. Is that where you rubbed a blister or is it just burning? I know you and HoHo both had hurting feet, but i can’t remember if you both blistered…
    Well from one crazed runner to another…if I am not hurting I would run the 15K, but i have told you it’s one of my favorite distances. I would run a little on Thursday and if I felt good I would do it, but i am the dummy who ran a half without training,and am probably at the double the mileage I should be for this point in my healing…
    I am probably not safe to ask this question of!


  2. I have those exact shoes. I ran all summer and fall in them last year. I still wear them some, but they have a couple of little holes now. 😦 I’m stilling dealing with my stupid blister!


  3. Oh Darlene, this is a tough one. I am not sure what I would do, although like you, I would hate to miss a race. I think skipping the 15k and trying for a 10k would probably be a better choice, but if you are really focused on the half in a few weeks, I would take the race easy to see how my foot felt. I hope the pain goes away as quickly as it came.


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