Delmar Dash Race Recap

March 29, 2015

It is nice to run a race that is only 10 minutes from your house.

This is my 4th time doing this race and my 5th 5 miler.

2011 (I wore shorts back then apparently)



My Delmar Dash times:

  • 2011 – 47:08
  • 2013 – 47:39
  • 2014 – 48:14

So there’s a trend to get slower on this course.

But last week, I ran 5 mile race and finished at 46:29, my new PR!!


So maybe I’ve broken the get slower trend. Now only if spring would arrive.

It’s always hard at this time of year to decide what to wear.  Too cold for spring clothes but with the sun, you get warm with winter clothes.

I opted for a compromise.  A few shirts with a skirt, capris under, compression socks, a hat & gloves and hoped for less wind and sunshine.

It was 18 degrees when I left but the sun was shining and there was only a slight breeze.

I got there early enough to get parking in the parking lot.  I knew a few people doing this race so I went inside the school to look for them.

the race started on the street but ended in front of the school entrance

I bumped into Judy first.


Then I bumped in several SRMs. I was surprised to see Gail (on the left) since she moved to California.


Then I found Barbara whom I met on FB and ran with once.

Judy, Barbara and I hung out and chatted until the race started.

So my goal for the race was to have a decent finish time. That would be under 50 minutes and faster than my 48:14 time from last year. A PR would be gravy.  I’ve been lucky this year and I know that every race can’t be a PR.

I started with Judy and Barbara and was farther back than I normally would be.  But it didn’t matter since this race is chip-timed.

Of course waiting for the race to begin, I was cold but I was fine as soon as I started running. My hands were cold for awhile but even they warmed up.  The sun

I tried to start out fast but not too fast.  Though I never know what this is.

I caught up to Elisa and Gail who normally run faster than me.  But soon I passed them.

I tired with each mile but tried my best to keep it up.

But by the water stop at mile 2.5 or so, I needed to walk.

It helped a little but I never really got a second wind. Luckily this course is fairly flat.

My calves were aching and I walked during twice more before I finally saw the finish line and crossed at 46:)2.  But my chip time was 45:46!!


Another PR!!! Yay me!

I watched for Barbara who crossed several minutes after me.


Then we both waited for Judy.


I went inside to get some food with Barbara and wait for Judy who went to change her clothes and get a massage. (I had talked her into running afterward so that I wouldn’t have to run more miles alone.)

I had some soup, bread, birthday and hot chocolate waiting for the times. Then Barbara left (she ran to and from the race).  Hopefully we will run together again soon.

There are a lot of fast ladies who run this race so I was doubtful of an age group award.


Nope, I was 6th.


mile 1- 8:51
mile 2- 8:58
mile 3- 9:08 – walked
mile 4- 9:31 – walked longer
mile 5- 9:11 – last walk
mile .02 – 7:92

Though my legs were very tired, I needed to run 6 more miles…ugh!!

I was so happy that Judy was going to keep my company.  My run last week was pretty lousy.  I had no motivation to keep from walking and the wind gusts were insane.

I left my car in the parking lot and we headed into town in one direction and then turned around and headed in the other direction. Our route was similar to the race but less twists and turns so we wouldn’t get lost.


Slow slow slow but at least it was warmer and less windy than last Sunday. And it was so much nicer to have someone to talk to.  It made the run seem less painful. Eventually we completed our 6 miles and arrived back at our cars.


happy to be done – 11 miles for the day!

To celebrate, my hubby and I went out for a late lunch at the diner.  Geez, running makes me so hungry!!

I’m linking this post up with Tara at Running n’ Reading for her Weekend Update!

 Happy Running! How was your weekend? Any running or racing?



4 thoughts on “Delmar Dash Race Recap

  1. Congrats on another PR! You have been doing so well in your races lately Darlene. My big news over the weekend is that I will be mother of the bride later this year! Can’t wait and so excited for Christine and Adam! They are a great team.


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