DIY Medal & Bib Hanger and Giveaway Winner

Yes, I could have ordered one like this:

But it was more fun to make my own (and cheaper).

I bought a wood shelf at Joann’s (with a 50% off coupon). I also bought some adhesive letters there.

Then I bought 4 long screws & 2 cup hooks at Lowe’s.

I spray painted everything white (cuz I had white paint). I added the letters when dry and VOILA:


It’s not awesome but definitely functional and cost less than $10 to make.

Of course, it seemed bigger until I put stuff on it.  I only hung bibs with race names on them (& one per race). But all my bling fit…for now.

In the future, I would like to make a separate one for my half marathon medals and keep this one for all the age group awards.

And the winners of my Runner’s Choice giveaway are:

  • Stacey R
  • HoHo Runs

Send an e-mail to with your mailing address.

Since I can give away one more bottle, comment here if you want it.

Happy Running! What do you do with your race medals & bibs?



3 thoughts on “DIY Medal & Bib Hanger and Giveaway Winner

  1. I love your DIY hanger. It is perfect for AG medals and awards. Tom is helping me work on my display and yes, I have an internet purchased medal hanger from Allied Medals. The bottom rack has my non DIsney and mostly AG awards, but I think I want to separate them out even more. My awards are also spread around the house cuz I got a cool marble paperweight at one race (perfect on my desk) and a huge “Growler” bottle at a marathon last year. (again, on my desk)


  2. I love your hanger! Awesome job. My hubs made me a beautiful medal hanger for Christmas out of maple wood. I also received an iron one. I haven’t figured out how to display them yet. I want to separate my half marathons from the others races. I have quite a few trophy type awards too and nowhere to put them..


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