My Project Repat Blanket is done!

Last month, I posted here about my excitement after ordering a blanket made from my old race shirts from Project Repat.

The first step is choosing the size blanket you wish them to make, and then picking out your shirts. I choose to have a twin blanket made and that meant picking out 24 shirts.

The hardest part of  having this blanket made is choosing the shirts.

Because I had so many… close to 100. I don’t run in them but do wear some to bed or to hang out in.  But most of them, just sit in a drawer (or two).

The majority of these shirts are from my beginning running days of 2008 -2010.  In those days, you got cotton shirts at every race. Since then, many or most races are giving out tech shirts and if they a gender-specific and fit, I wear them to run. Also, for the past year, I have been sending all my shirts to JA my running buddy.

That being said, I surely had enough shirts for the twin blanket.

Most of the shirts that I chose were cotton but some were tech fabric shirts and when they put them together, you really don’t notice the difference in materials.

The website has a short video to help you with the cutting process.

Even though I don’t wear these shirts, I was a little emotional cutting them up. But as I did, I was remembering each race that the shirt represented.

There was one from my first 5k ever…




one from a 5K walk that I did at a conference years before I thought about running…


one from one of my favorite 5ks…


one that I especially liked…


I also included the shirt from my most recent half marathon.


The next step is optional. You can decide where each shirt should be placed on the blanket and send them a photo. I chose to let let them choose the locations and I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

The last step is to mail your shirts. I squeezed them into a small box and it didn’t cost much to mail at all. (But I live in NY and Project Repat is in Mass.)

As soon as they receive your box, you will get an email verifying receipt.

Then you just wait.

I only took less two weeks.

When I opened the package yesterday, I was so excited with the finished project.

Be sure to check out the Project Repat website and consider one of these blankets for your old race shirts.  It is a great way to remember your races.

Happy Running! Have you had your shirts made into a blanket yet? If not, what do you do with your race shirts?

(Don’t forget to enter my Runner’s Choice giveaway HERE.)




Disclosure: I was given a discount for my Project Repat blanket. There was no compensation for this post and the opinions stated here are my own.

10 thoughts on “My Project Repat Blanket is done!

  1. Very cool! I don’t race nearly as much as you, so I don’t have as many shirts. And I do wear them all the time (they make a great base layer under sweaters!). But someday I’m sure I’ll have more than I need.


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