2014 was a good year

report-card1Yes, it was a very good year:

  • ZERO injuries
  • 5 PRs
  • many races including three 10 mile races, four 10k races, two half marathons, three 15k races, fifteen 5k races and more…

So let’s take a closer look at my 2014 goals

1. Do not get injuredNo injuries, YAY!


happy legs

happy feet

Saratoga Springs Half Marathon

happy body

2.  Run 3-4 times a week ALL YEAR. Yes!


in the freezing cold


in the spring

during my vacation

during my vacation

in the park

in the summer


in the fall

3.  Continue fitting in tennis and/or yoga once a week and upper body & core strength exercises (planks & weights). Tennis YES, Yoga  Rarely, Planks & Weights SO  SO, Gym occasionally starting in October.


my instructor returned from maternity leave on May 7 and then went out on leave for lyme disease in July…


when I can remember to use them


indoors except the summer


4.  Finish all races (except 15ks & half marathons) at under 10 min. per mile paceAlmost all. Even a few under 9 min!!!

5.  Run at least one race per month and at least 20 for the yearYes!  33 races.

6.  Run a race in another state or even a NEW state. Yes in FOUR states! Mayor’s Wellness 10 miler in CA,  Lighthouse 5k in FL, the Love Run Half in PA and the Perfect 10 Miler in NJ (which is a NEW state).


Lighthouse 5K  in FL.

7. Run at least 10 NEW races. Yes20!- Mayor’s Wellness 10m, HMRRC Winter Series #3 15K, Lighthouse 5k, Love Run, Bacon Hill 5k, Rabbit Ramble 4m, Cherry Blossom 5k, Spring Run off 10k, Mom’s 5K, Betar Byway 5K, Strawberry Fest 5K, Adirondack Distance Run, Saratoga Half Marathon, Turning Point 5K, Run for the Roc 5K, Apple Run 5K, Great Pumpkin Challenge 10K , Perfect 10 Miler, Troy Turkey Trot 10k, HMRRC#1 15K


first annual Love Run

Bacon Hill Bonanza

Bacon Hill 5k


Spring Run Off 10K


Strawberry Fest 5K


Saratoga Half Marathon

Run for the Roc - October

Run for the Roc 5K


Great Pumpkin Challenge 10K


Troy Turkey Trot 10K

8. Run in NYCYes! Not a race but I ran there.


9. Get an Age Group award. Yes! 18 of them – 3rd at Mayor’s Wellness, 1st at Lighthouse 5K, 1st at Bacon Hill 5k, 2nd at Rabbit Ramble 4m, 2nd at Cherry Blossom 5k, 3rd at Spring Run Off 10K, 1st at Mom’s Day 5k, 1st at Betar Byway 5K, 1st at Strawberry Fest 5K,  2nd at Saratoga HM, 3rd at Turning Pt 5K,  2nd at Jailhouse Rock 5k, 3rd at Malta 5k, 2nd at Run for the Roc 5k, 1st at Apple Run 5K, 1st at Falling Leaves 5K, 1st at Run off that Turkey 5K, 3rd at Albany Last Run 5K


Mayor’s Wellness 10m


Cherry Blossom5k

Mom's Day 5K

Mom’s Day 5K

Spring Run Off - May

Spring Run Off  10K

Betar Byway - June

Betar Byway  5K


Strawberry fest 5K

Turning Point - July

Turning Point 5k

malta5k agaward

Malta 5k

10. Run a 10 mile race. Yes!  3 – Mayor’s Wellness 10m, Adirondack Distance Run and Perfect 10 Miler.


Mayor’s Wellness 10m

Adirondack Distance Run

10 miler - 1:38:45

11. Run at least one half marathon. Yes! 2 – The Love Run and Saratoga Half Marathon


Saratoga Half

12. PR in a half marathon. Yes! at the Love Run.


4 sec PR

13. Run over 800 miles.  Yes!  Over 900 miles!


most miles ever

14. Continue to blog almost everyday. Yes! 

Goal added for the second half of the year:

  • PR in a 5K.  Yes!

Run for the Roc – 19 sec PR over 2011 PR

Achievements that weren’t goals:

  • PR in a 10K

Troy Turkey Trot

  • PR in a 10 mile race

Perfect 10 miler

  • PR in a 15K


Yes, at age 61, I PRed at every distance this year.  I’m not getting older, I’m getting better!!

Happy Running! Do you have yearly goals?  If so, how did you do this year?






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