Betar Byway 5K race report


This race sounded interesting so I signed up.

The 5K is a out and back and has one hill just before the 1 mile mark, with the rest being flat and the down hill at about 2.25 and a slight increase at the finish. Course is both paved (along Hudson River) and packed dirt path in wooded area, for approx 1.25 mile.

bb elevation

It is about an hour north of my house (and on the way to my boat.)

And most importantly, I love scenic. Here are some views of the course:




finish line view

The weather was warm.  It was about 70 degrees when I left the house. Not a day to think PR. Pressure gone.

I left early since I wasn’t sure where I was going. I used my GPS and arrived at a location that was obviously wrong.  I thought I was going to Glens Falls but actually the race was in South Glens Falls.  I went to Facebook on my phone and got the correct directions.

I arrived in plenty of time.  I parked nearby and got my race packet.


cute shirt but it is cotton

Then I used the restroom – yes, there were real ones.


waiting to begin

Finally everyone walked down to the water for the start.


I started near the front since there were no timing chips or start line.

I must say that this was the prettiest course I have ever run.  It was along the water most of the time or on a paved trail through a park.


I tried to focus on the scenery since I knew that this one would be tough due to the heat and the course. (Note to self: playing 2 hours of tennis and weeding for many hours does not constitute a rest day before a race.)

The first mile had a small hill which I ran up and then came the monster hill.  I walked up the whole thing and had trouble doing that it was so steep. I think I did the right thing since it was early in the race.

It was very warm so I walked through the first water stop.  Thank God the course was shaded by trees or it would have been worse.

Eventually the course looped around and you headed back to the start.  I walked through the second water stop and then finally came the big hill. This time you were running down. These hills always scare me so I hold back.


Then I think I walked once more before the final hill which led to the finish line.


I was pretty surprised when I saw that I would finish under 30 minutes! (29:49)


mile 1 –  9:56
mile 2 –  9:27
mile 3 –  9:19
.14 –  8:23

Negative splits which I am happy about.  A hilly course on a hot day makes for one of my slowest 5k times of late.  (I will try to redeem myself next weekend.)

After the 5K, there was a one mile race.  Not for kids but for everyone.  It looked like fun.


Then they gave out the awards and I won first place in my age group. (This is one good thing about getting old.)


One of the reasons for choosing this race was that it was on the way to our marina so I could join my hubby who was patiently waiting.

This was my view from a lounge chair for most of the rest of the day.


Very relaxing. Racing+Boating=Perfect Sunday


Happy Running! What did you do this weekend?


5 thoughts on “Betar Byway 5K race report

  1. Great job! Geez, you’re fast even in the heat & on hills. Cute shirt – too bad it’s cotton. I ended up walking up heartbreak hill, but it does come around mile 12! I think anyone who runs boston is freaking nuts! It’s very weird, I’m pissed off at my time but still enjoyed the race.

    Yours was far more scenic!


  2. Nice job Darlene. I love being old too….got first in my AG at my race over the weekend too. By the way, the scenery looked beautiful and nice job with the negative splits!


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